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This sandwich made by Mister Ting Ling is scrumptious: rather thick and crisp. Slices of bread finely cut is a meal in itself. But something added in between makes my palate settle for the rest of the day’s meals. A fine sandwich is a class apart (Its fine edge merely testifies its pedigree. )I love fresh wheat bread. Before I can sneak and smell it closely my provider has already slapped a tbs of Mayo (” Go easy Mr. Ling!”)and a couple of Swiss cheese follow. While my man revives my spirits with four slices of ham and lettuce I am ready to fall in.  I am at peace with the world. Of course the rimless glasses of Mr. Ling shines as he tosses some slices of tomato,- a teaser and looks towards me almost shyly as if he has excelled himself that noon. I smile back while I have snatched a can of soda and a handful of potato chips to round off my yen.

How is that I flagellate myself everytime I have had a good snack? Well the thought of calories to the tune of 1015* is scary but my constitution is like teflon and I feel good. Mr.Ting Ling is happy and so am I.

I get sometimes a yen for sandwiches but I am told it adds up calories. But I have a bag full of yens in a day. Now let me see what I can buy with these yens.


* Bread = 200 calories

Mayo = 115 calories
Cheese = 212 calories
Ham = 183 calories
Soda = 150 calories
Chips = 155 calories

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