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Here is an item from the Reuters:
‘Major U.S. newspapers called on the Oscar winner to account for the crime, and commentators said U.S. public opinion was running strongly against Polanski.”
This reminds me of a similar public outcry in the Victorian England. Here the target was an Irish genius, a wit and his jibes, a thorn on the side of hypocritical Victorian society. Oscar Wilde had ridiculed their hypocrisies and when he fell they made it sure he was destroyed. Evil of these hypocrites took the guise of social orderliness and fatherly feeling. Marquess Queensberry was seen by the public as a father who would resist his son being corrupted by a pederast. In real his son was a confirmed homosexual even before Oscar Wilde began ‘feasting with panthers ‘as he put it. But the public outrage needed a victim and Wilde, the outsider fitted the bill perfectly. So much for the public outcry against so called ‘moral turpitude.’ The US newspapers are no different from those who gloated on the downfall of Wilde.Polanski is an outsider,of Polish and French extract. His lifestyle was not of American pie and flag waving as of the moral majority.
Wilde found fame in London just as he fell because he was an outsider. Law tried him as an equal only that justice was of doubtful quantity.
Justice that the public cried was not so much for establishing their middleclass correctness or for propriety or justice. When he was sentenced the prostitutes danced on the streets because homosexuals were cutting into their business.
Why did Queensberry pursue Wilde with implacable hatred? He was convinced that his one son had died earlier in a homosexual scandal in which Lord Roseberry who later became the PM of Great Britain was a party.(His son Drumlanrig was afraid of blackmail over his relations with Roseberry.)
From above we see that before Law all are equal but Justice served comes in  tainted dishes.

Thus when the US public cries for justice they merely hide all their prejudices and social injustices to which they are party to and gives lip service to Justice. If only there was a public outcry against Bush when he embarked on his war against Iraq or against Abu Gharib atrocities. There are so many wrongs still in circulation that they could rail against and also work for the good of all.
Tailspin: Law sent Wilde to prison and broke him. His creative genius could not survive the inhuman treatment meted out to him after the fashion of Victorian sense of Justice. Redeeming nature of their prison system was not what could have left the best part in him, his genius, in tact. Effect of justice for a dockworker is different from that of man of letters. Shylock in the Merchant of Venice had the right to his pound of flesh but he had no right to the man’s blood. Collateral damage the Law exacts from his spirit or from those who are dependent on him makes Justice somewhat questionable.


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This custom of circumcision was practiced among so many widely separated race. Its object has been to diminish the sensitivity of the glans, no longer lubricated with prostatic lymph; thus the part is hardened against injury and disease. The practice goes far back in time and it has been noted in a mummy of xvith century BC. The Jews borrowed it from the Egyptian priesthood and made it in a manner of sacrament. Thus uncircumcised would mean heretic or barbaric. It became a seal of reconciliation between the Creator and His Chosen People. A separation was imposed upon the children of God by religion where the custom dictated from reasons of hygiene and prolongation of coitus. The cosmopolitan Romans had no use for this custom. The Jews use it figuratively as the ‘circumcision of fruits(Lev.xix.23),and of the heart (Deut.x.16). Patriarch Abraham did it when he was 99 also for his household (Exod. iv.25). The custom was suspended during the Desert wanderings and was renewed by Joshua(v.3-7),who cut off 2tons’ weight of prepuces. Compare it with the scalping of the American Indians or of the Scythians of old. King Saul promised the hand of his daughter to David for a dowry of 100. Among the early Christians we see the rite falling into disuse. Although the Founder of Christianity was circumcised St. Paul aiming for a cosmopolitan faith discouraged the practice. St. Augustine was of the position that it took away the original sin despite the other Fathers like Justus,Tertullian ,Ambrose et al stuck with Pauline stand. This practice continued in Ethiopia and for the descendents of Sheba it is a mark of Nobility. The Ethiopians follow the Jewish custom in performing the rite within 8 days after the birth and baptize boys after forty and girls after eight days. A circumcised man became a Jew after he was bled before three witnesses. This is called the ‘blood of alliance.’Similar practise was followed by Armenians and other Christians who were compelled to become Moslem in the bygone days and wished to return to Christianity.( from footnote supplied by Richard Burton in his 1001 Night.)


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