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Number of Jobs I blew Away

The first was for the male lead In Tarzan, the Son of A Gun. I came into the walk in interview. I came walking all right but my bowlegs somehow didn’t make it to the screen test room.


There was a vacancy I could have filled in nicely. The job required a keen eye and attention to detail. So I sent a resume in which I mentioned all those accomplishments that the employers could not have verified.

For instance:

“I am the most talented employee my company has ever had before it went into liquifaction.

“I am the best and most awesome employee in Pudukottai. ”

* “My least client called me allmost perfect emplyee.” Unfortunately they could pick out the typos and mistakes.

There were more to come.

Now my only chance to land a job depends on the criterion:’Who has the most experience in being refused?” In that department my resume shall beat the rest, no doubt.



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