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    2.’You give shape to life but death gives it a context in that life  goes on and on in others’.


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Misplaced Trust ©

A bald eagle was brooding over her chicks on some craggy mountain top. Sam, one chick cried,’Cheep,cheep.’

The eagle brightened up. ‘I must secure the sky lest enemy come airborne and take away one of my chicks.’ The Eagle called out a rolling cloud and said,’I leave it to you to keep an eye on Sam’.

George the other chick said ‘Grrah!’

Mama Eagle looked at the chick and said,’George that was very clever!’

Mama Eagle knew George the chick was reminding her to cover the ground as well.

There was a light breeze. So Mama Eagle asked the wind,’ Be very gentle and take care no harm comes to George.’

The Breeze asked,’What about Sam?’

Mama Eagle with a laugh said,’Don’t worry about Sam. He is taken care of. Only George’.

The breeze nodded.

When mama Eagle went out for gathering food she cried out to Mr. Cloud and Mr. Breeze to watch out. ‘I shall be gone for a while.’

Things however became bad and a storm was brewing sending clouds scattering all about. There was thunder and lightening.

When Mama Eagle returned she found her both chicks were tossed to their deaths. Mama Eagle wailed and complained, “Mr. Cloud, you let me down!”

Cloud excused himself saying, “ I am not to blame, The Breeze ought to have remained where he was. Instead he became so boisterous and threw me all across the sky.’

Mr. Breeze found excuses that he was made uncontrollable by some low depression that formed at the area. These two were sorry but Mama Eagle lost her chicks.

Leave what you can adequately do to some,who are given to changes, results will always be unsatisfactory.


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    1. Life is neutral but we always without exception take sides”.


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This day Six thousand Years Ago

The Best newspundits also get the facts mixed up. The editor in Chief: Mr. Pen Pusher was present when Mr. Guy- Up- There threw a party.

I shall insert here Mr.PP’s own report.

‘I always have some reservation when the Host is reticent of showing Himself. For Gawds sake it was His idea! He was throwing the first party and when I approached I was told by one angel,’For whatever reason you are called before Him just turn your head aside’. So I took Mo Sez along, He is a kind of Man Friday, and he stuck close to me writing down verbatim. Finally I was called up and He put me off saying,’You may be better served by this angel here. He has all the news that is fit to print. So I went from the Pillar to Post to quote a phrase we reporters use without daring to look at His face. I ask Mo Sez if he had got it right.

‘Reporters walk from Pillar to Post.Now also’.

Mo Sez reads back,’Pillar of salt to Seven Pests.’

What the hell Mo Sez was becoming impossible and very hard to follow.

I had to scold him and asked what was the idea. He cheeky as ever says,’Lot of things, PP. Don’t plague me while I put the matters in proper perspective.

The Angel who was give us the copy from Mr.Guy-Up-There showed his face and said ‘Up and Down is My idea’.

MoSez writes it down thus:’In the beginning God created the heaven and the Earth’

I took Mo Sez to task for writing something that the angel didn’t say.

‘Oh PP,’ Mo Sez,’My copy improves on the angel who after all can never understand plain speaking. Imagine what news hungry readers will make of a line ‘Up and Down is my Idea’. I had to agree Mo Sez had a point. His copy was definitely an improvement on the angel’s copy.

I had to wearily let Mo Sez write the news in his own words’.

We in Latitude take an exception. Our Editor in Chief took the time frame in his own manner. Afterall the day the Party took place was in earth Time Thousand Years. So you can calculate yourself how long ago was the worlds began. News is made for the newshungry. Only that how things came together to make news is somewhat skipped over. Mr. Pen Pusher got his dates wrong as Mo Sez got his copy mixed up.


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A fake is a lefthanded compliment to some work of art that is probably priceless. The artist who fakes another for some pecuniary advantage has already conceded the field to another. Instead of outing his inner vision he aims to make some quick money. In a way his own worth, his signature he has hidden in that of another.

Celebrities have their hangers on and celebrated paintings invite fakes inevitably.  He who drops names think it will add lustre to his own insignificant name. These nobodies who sponge on the famous imagine a little of their fame rubs on them by association. Only when they are squeezed dry by their vain pursuits they shall realize they played the fool and wasted their precious gifts for nothing.

Great Painters like Monet, Dali, Picasso  have all had fakes passing off as the real thing. Art is a big business and in the cut throat world where an original da Vinci or Titian is few and far in between any discovery of a work that has been lost or put up for auction  creates sensation. In order to verify an original beyond shadow of doubt there are many tests. Any error here could spell loss of millions. So the work of the great master must first be established and a fake must be shown for what it is. The difference between the two is that the original work will bear the inner strength and dynamics of a life that led to the work.

There has been so many fakes that do not fool the expert eye. For example John Constable has been copied over the years. It might be that faker had copied the original daub for daub and followed the quirks of the painting faithfully. Still the inner energy with which Constable painted it cannot be faked. Picasso of coursed faked his own paintings still his energy went into his works.

In the canvases that Gaugin worked while he was in the South Ses, thin paint layers tell its own story: being away from Paris he could not afford to waste his limited paint supply. His  choice of material for example his canvas of cheap weave is another clue: such  tracks of life no fake will adequately cover from another age. Patina of an original and covered with varnish will bear the breath of the artist. There are so many tell tale signs of the genius that a fake shall never recreate.

If only the fake artist lived his life honestly and put all that incompetence derived from lack of inner vision into his canvas it would have been something.

Great artists have in course of their career studied the works of great masters. In order to understand the artistic vision of Eduoard Manet it seems Picasso must have done some 150 versions of Breakfast over the Lawn. Here also Picasso took an existing work of Manet to create his own version which are two different paintings. By fake I do not mean such variations but whatever that negates the inner dynamics of the artist for that of another.


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A question

Q:What have  Tiger Woods and Toyota in common?

A: Both show up something weird when they hit the road. One  is recalled for fixing and the other is in the doghouse.

Tailspin: by the way the only sport Mrs. Woods claims to play  is the way she swings her golf club. She calls it her sport but I call it anger management.


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Puns Galore!

Marie Rambert DBE, founder of a famous ballet company, on being made a Dame described the event as, the ‘The Dameing of the Shrew.”


Mrs. Patrick Campbell, the actress once complained that in her profession she could not stand them calling her Mrs.Pat. She explained, “The ‘Pat’ is the last straw that breaks the Campbell’s back”.


Noel Coward’s producers were trying to come up with a suitable title for the Night of 100 Stars’ Charity Show.

One suggested, “Summer Stars,” to which Coward replied, “Some are not.”


Max Beerbohm, ‘the incomparable Max’ once declined to be lured into hiking to the summit of a Swiss Alp. “Put me down,” the author of Zuleika Dobson said firmly, “as an Anti-climb Max.”


Poet and author Hilaire Belloc expressed this wish, “When I

am dead, I hope it may be said his sins were scarlet, but his books were read.”


At a dinner party at Buckingham Palace, when a waiter spilt gravy on her latest gown, actress Beatrice Lillie (Lady Peel)

snapped, “Never darken my Dior again!”


Called to address the guests at a Thanksgiving dinner, William M. Ewarts, the Secretary of State under Hayes began: “ You have been giving your attention to turkey stuffed with sage; you are about to consider a sage stuffed with turkey.”


In his early days Oliver Wendell Holmes practiced medicine and taught anatomy at Harvard and Dartmouth. People seemed to have reservations about consulting one young in years, who had posted the sign above office door, ‘Small fevers gratefully accepted’.


Bud Abbot and Lou Costello were discussing an actor they knew. “Nice guy,” Abbot was sure, “but have you noticed how he always let his friend pick up the dinner check?”

Yes,” replied Costello, “ he has a terrible impediment in his reach.”


Sir W.S. Gilbert, of Gilbert and Sullivan duo, was noted for his waspish tongue. Once when a player urged his untalented mistress on Gilbert for a star part, Gilbert turned to his friend to observe: “This fellow is obviously trying to blow his own strumpet.”


Groucho Marx on the Alps: Ah the Alps. I love the Alps so does God , because God alps them that alps themselves.”


While interviewing a Chinese boy in his radio show, Groucho was told that he was 24. ‘In years or in yen,’ asked Groucho. When the boy answered with a straight face one doesn’t count age in yen, the comic replied, ‘Oh no? I have a yen to be 21 again.’


A Professor of Greek once tore his suit and took it to a tailor named Acidopolus from Athens. The tailor looked at the tear and asked,’Euripdes?’

‘Yes,’ replied the professor,’Eumenides?’

(Ack: Cailyn Coffin quoted by Bennet Cerf-

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