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Self-help guru in court on manslaughter charges(AP News)

It is a curious phenomenon of our times that self-help gurus have entered in every aspect of our lives. These gurus motivate us to run our lives in ways they think are right . For instance Dr. Lean Meat MD  will tell the right diet for us. He has his mantra, a best seller and no one dare prove it wrong: he is a self help guru and if he advocates that  red meat is good for us   yes, we had better include red meat in our diet. Or if he says avoid bread  in any form we are ready to throw overboard our lifelong habit. Bread,  the staff of life  that was with us from time memorial has become out of fashion.

Is it because we want to be like sheep and follow a herd mentality the last refuge of the insignificant? Or does it tell our lack of intelligence to choose the best course for ourselves? Or is it shrewdness to latch on to the best in a flash?  Be that as it may, self help gurus have become the arbiter of our good living. If it is money we have self help gurus in that portfolio also. As Bernard Madoff did with our personal finances we overnight found ways to make million.

Alas we only see how solid these gurus are late when nothing much can be done to save the situation.. We have been so sensitized by hucksters in pinstripes that we are willing to hand over wallets and health to them. They take jets to meet their heavy schedules and lead sweet lives while we sweat, literally. ‘Sweat Ray’ by all accounts knew what was best for us. Till his bluff was called. The self-guru it turns out is as clueless as we. Wonder of wonders!


For now, Ray remains in an Arizona jail on a $5 million bond and faces three to 12 1/2 years in prison on each of the three manslaughter charges if he’s convicted, with probation being an option.

Regardless of the outcome of the criminal case, Ray could face deep financial troubles brought on by the episode as his self-help empire crumbles. He made millions with a motivational mantra that preaches spiritual and financial wealth, and the lucrative speaking gigs and books have dried up.

He also faces the likelihood of several costly civil lawsuits filed by the victims that could further erode his wealth.


I am a self help  guru. This means I must help myself to make each day count. I must seek unexpected pleasures of Nature at my own terms. I must sweeten my passage among the uncouth, illiterate, genteel folks  as best as I can. I need not throw my degrees or learning at those who takes pleasure in the helplessness and confusion of others. Thus when some cretin step on my corns or elbow me and say it was unintentional I have to accept it even though I know it was not. I have been sent on wrong directions in a new and strange village by yokels who have never thought of new ways to amuse themselves.  There are such who delight in others discomfort in villages and cities alike. Some find pleasure in oneupmanship or in playing on one’s creduiity. I am a self help guru so I content myself that they have risen to the level of their intelligence or breeding.

If the crowd is too much to my liking I must find some spot where I could nurse my bruised ego or nerves. In short no one can help you get the most out life than yourself. Self help guru is one who can swat the hand that reaches for your wallet while talking about where you want to spend hereafter. Remember Jim Jones and his followers? or David Querishi of Wacco?

Self reliance might make your span of life much longer.


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