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(This note on Multiverse accompanies the sketch posted earlier in the day.b)

Think of tree of life where every species is part and parcel of it. Species sometimes do not make it. Darwinian Natural Selection gives some chance to perpetuate genetic push through their off-springs much longer than others. Trees shed leaves as species die out. Stars die and give birth to another. Such changes are natural any where in the multiverse.
What interests me is the space where such changes take place. Multiverse like a tree has dug its roots deep into Cosmos has its abstract part. Life and death of stars go on endlessly in the back drop of the eternal aspect of Intelligence. The same space that uphold multiverse is in the micro cosmos that keeps atoms apart. The same space therefore is right through in our being. We are held together by same laws that uphold multiverse.
How well we preserve our intelligence or exercise power? Power that allows new universes to be created or die in order to create yet new universes work with  us. However so little of that that we exercise for good proclaim the same Power and Intelligence that is without.


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