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First it was under the Iraq enquiry Commission. Truth about War in Iraq is once again under  review. This time it is in the memoirs of one who was close to George W. Bush.

WMD was a red herring afterall. The world suspected as much before the lemmings from Westminster began footing to the sea of oblivion as far as their place in history is concerned. Blair’s moral posturing always had the feel of a carnival barker. We heard him during the Balkans and also when UN was considering options against Saddam’s regime. He didn’t sound transparent.  Now the much hated Karl Rove ( for all right reasons?) has averred he was wrong about some of the things concerning the policy of the Bush Administration. (Mrs. Palme I am sure it doesn’t clear the damage done to your career. ) He has also his memoir to prove it.

He may have neglected the history and culture of Middle East but he has not neglected to sell his book with all the brouhaha that accompanies memoirs of politicians.

If doctors show one hundredth of negligence the politicians show, they would be made to pay through their nose towards damages. Afterall doctors take up medicine a career and in order to prove they were right they,- at least most of them, sacrifice many pleasures others take for granted. Even so it is probable they do make mistakes. They are punished in a way their right to practice, the only skill for which they have trained all their lives, is taken from them. But if a politician whose only skill was in hiding his ambition under public service and is elected he can get away with murder, mass murder as in this case. Even today three suicide bombs at Bequouba in connection with Iraq elections have killed several in Iraq. What made the West think they could control the history of Iraq? Nothing in their history show that it would succeed. Yet why did such mad dream originate?

Let me digress here. If a part of the world backward and murderous in their hatreds( and in affection showing a lick-spittle kind) wanted to do whatever their tribal honor and religion demanded they should have been let. Who made us their conscience keepers? Does anyone for a moment think the Middle East will show their gratitude for the policy of the West? What of the thousands of bodybags flown back and innocents killed in vain all across the globe?  To nurture a ragtag fleabitten rascals to pull their chestnuts out of fire the USA committed themselves in Afghanistan. No one expected the domino effect of being drawn in some other’s war. Even when there was time for limiting the damage politicians came up with a war, the war in Iraq. Political wisdom of our politicians extend only as far their behinds which they cover by sitting out and they call it policymaking.

If a doctor has commited an error despite of best intentions, send him to starve, and out in the cold.  If a politician like Karl Rove blunders let him earn a fat fee from royalties and public speaking. Something is rotten here don’t you think?

NEW YORK – Republican strategist Karl Rove says in a new memoir that the failure to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq badly damaged the Bush administration’s credibility and led to dwindling public support for the war.

The former White House political adviser blames himself for not pushing back against claims that President George W. Bush had taken the country to war under false pretenses, calling it one of the worst mistakes he made during the Bush presidency. The president, he adds, did not knowingly mislead the American public about the existence of such weapons.

In “Courage and Consequence,” Rove argues that history will look favorably on Bush’s two-term presidency, particularly his decision to invade Iraq. He calls the 2003 invasion the most consequential act of the Bush presidency and a justifiable response to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, even though al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden, not Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, were responsible.

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1896- Lumiere brothers organize the first screenings in Malmo, Sweden.

1905-first movie theater in Sweden by N.H. Nylander.

1907-The swedes Wiberg and Nylander establish Svenska Bio.

1909-Charles Magnusson joins SB as head of production.

1911-SB moves to Stokholm

1913-Ingebord Holm a film by Victor Sjostrom.Vampire by Maurice Stiller.

1916-The wings(Vingarne) by Stiller and Terje Vigen by V. Sjostrom.

1919-Stiller directs Sir Arne’s Treasure with the actress Mary Johnson. Record breaking attendences

8m.tickets sold. SB expands to become AB Svensk Filmindustri.

1929-Alf Sjoberg makes his debut with the Strongest(den Starkaste.)

1937-The Swede, Anders Sandrew creates his distribution outfit AB Sandrews Biograferna.

1938-The basics of the ‘Swedish model’ socialism are laid down in the Saltsjobaden agreement.

Sandrews begins producing films.

1955. The Norwegian government decides to give direct subsidies upto 55%of a film production costs. Bergman’s Smiles of a Summer Night wins a Jury Prize at Cannes.

1956-First TV transmission in Sweden. Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal opens in Sweden

1958-Wild Strawberries wins the Golden Bear at the Berlin Festival.

1960-Death of Victor Sjostrom.

1963-The Swedish Film Institute is established,thanks to the pioneering energy of Harry Schein.

Bo Widerberg makes his first feature,Barnevagenen.

1968-A new distribution circuit FilmCentrum is established in Sweden to help unusual and socially committed films.

1982-A tax is levied on all video-cassettes,with the proceeds going to to the Swedish Film Institute.

Bergman makes his final film,Fanny and Alexander.

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