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Overheard at the Gehenna.

‘”Whenever I hear war I am losing some millions of souls who would have otherwise made my kingdom resound with their joyous sounds.’

“Oh whenever I hear talks of peace I am winning as many to my kingdom where gnashing of teeth and wailing make my sleep sweeter.”

The first speaker is God who regrets men who have proved too sheep-like to listen to some warmonger on the earth. The second of course is Satan who has created politicians, wolves in lambskins to play peacemakers. These speak of ‘doing the right thing.”

Duty of any religion should be to create man who knows his mind and heart. If he does not know how shall he give the best of his will, actions, emotions and thoughts? He may speak of his holiness but with one whose mind is confused and emotions in turmoil it is like rags. Similarly what kind of  obedience the Master can expect from a servant who is dull of understanding and inconsistent?

Suppose man had the inner courage and character not to fight a war in which he  doesn’t believe or thinks  is immoral, will the warmongers prosper? Those who  do not have the courage of their beliefs( not drawn from some silly babbling of a prophet)  will only blow themselves up like some crack their knuckles not  having anything better to do. Those who cannot believe in themselves will not get it right even if the prophet be from Allah.


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