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As a Republican President Lincoln was harassed by troubles from within his own party as those of his opponents. Reviled as ‘ourang-outang at the White House or ‘Abolition Emperor’the Civil War as it dragged on found him gloomier by day.

Asked once how he liked being a President he replied:’You heard about the man tarred and feathered and ridden out of town on a rail?

A man in the crowd asked him how he liked it,and his reply was that if it wasn’t for the honor he would much rather walk.’

He is now revered as a homespun hero, as humble as a copper penny and if he could be described in one sentence no one could better the single line from Thomas Gray’s Elegy:’The short and simple annals of the poor.’


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I do not think I ever suffered from it. On the other hand I had to fight all my life to keep a reasonable hold on to my abilities and failings. To think more than what is real is as bad as to miss what is genuine and apparent.  As a Christian I believe I have been called to walk with God and He that is within me is greater than the spirit that moves the world. So I can say Amen to the verse ‘If God be for us who can be against us?’

Now if God is with me how can I suffer from an inferiority complex?


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