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China has indeed made a Great Leap Forward. Chairman Mao coined the slogan and what really happened was something else. Let us focus on very bright aspects of the China’s market socialism and a visitor looks at the stunning skylines of China’s redeveloped coastal cities and state capitals and he is impressed. He may not exactly remember he is on a guided tour. He is not allowed to traipse the length and breadth of China on a whim. A visitor sees, and the official who is in charge may write in his report he saw only what he was allowed to see or spoke to who are allowed to speak. There are restrictions now as then.

Notwithstanding let us not forget that the Chinese leaders make an impressive walk as they strut on the world stage. They need US as much as America need them. There is a new reality that ideological differences are as close as two sides of a coin. You spin for tail or head what you get spells ‘free enterprise.’ It is not frightening one would think George Washington would not tell a lie and he is at par with Mao. George was as noble as Mao the Great Helmsman who subscribed to the idea ‘end justifies the means.’ Each has impressed the nation it represents. Over the years Truth and Expediency have closed ranks over free trade.

China chose market socialism so it can hold its own as a superpower with USA. In one there are things like Free Press and Accountability and the highest of the realm can be impeached and thrown out. On the other it is the sole prerogative of the powers that be. How accountable are they? How free and transparent are their press?

If any one is interested in the environment safety record in China there are may articles relating to it. Reading them one is left with no doubt spirit of Chinese Communism is alive and well in the present leaders. Only it uses an euphemism: market socialism.



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Life is such a wonderful experience that one often misses it in the anticipation of what is to follow.

*A child who cannot wait to snap his ties to his mother’s apron strings will soon find he has to pick up the pieces himself; and also make good of the damage.

*Success by worldly standards has been dinned onto you. You want to prove your parents that you are better than they, only to find they are not there when you succeed.

*Success that you run after sometimes is such you may win too soon. If you don’t follow it with much more spectacular you are a has been. Imagine not yet thirty something and a has been. Who can live down that?

*Think of success that comes so late: OK you may have bitten off much more than you could chew. But after lifelong struggle you have no single tooth left and no stomach either to digest it all.

*Suppose you achieve success. You paid your price for it in sweat and tears. Well and good. Those friends who cushioned you in your toil have all become your sidekicks: of course they get a kick out of your winnings. You thought success was some kind of life annuity only to find it has been spread all too thin to satisfy any.

*You went through life with blinkers on and you had one single aim. But when you are,in the end let to pasture you can only see what you missed and you can do nothing about it.


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