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The soldier came back from the war,whether he saw the fighting in Helmond or in Basra I do not know, but he was back from the conflict. As he passed through the jungle terrain  in Colombia he came across  an  old hag who wanted a favor. Accordingly he went under ground to fetch a tinder box she wanted very badly. In one room he found boxes stacked with pesos and the dog that guarded it said,”You a dealer, you will make as much as pesos you can fill your house with. What do you deal in amigo? ‘Reefers grass, shit man!?”The ex-soldier was curious. He went to the next room. The dog who  lived  there had drums full of heroin,and the dog had big eyes and he asked why his eyes were so big.”He laughed as only a lucky dog could and said, “”these are goggles man. I have a distillery here and sometmes it burns”.”He wanted to deal with him   and said his cut would fill the entire wall that was a vault. It was full of  silver ingots. “From Peru! all legit.”They shook hands and closed the deal. The soldier was getting  more  curious  than ever. So he checked the next room where the dog was almost bursting as if he were inflated. His eye were as big as a  house. Are you dealing in something “?”Poor fellow  burst expelling the tinder box he had concealed inside. The dog  from next door explained the tinder box held a few tricks.  “You strike once and I will come wherever you are. The second strike of course made the heroin 100 % pure”.  The time was short so he said ,”You take that tinder box and run.”” So he did.The old hag asked for her prize but he gave her a mighty shove and escaped.

He went to a strange  kingdom where the king had offered his daughter.The prize was very high.  The princess, from enquiries he understood, was a porn star and not one who was a princess by blood. He saw the kingdom was the most populated kingdom on the earth. He made some calculations and went to the palace and made his offer. The king wanted him to prove. So he took the tinder box and struck once and then  twice. Oh the ground split in two and came the dog with goggles and he brought along 100 wagons full of silver ingots. Duly he got the porn star and the throne. He was the  king and when the Queen confessed on the first night he laughed it off. “No I want to be a good wife and spend my life in serving the poor he’gave her a slap and said,’  Nothing of that sort.”He had already an idea. Hers stood in its way. He made every subject an heroin addict and made himself the richest king. His tinder box came handy.


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The fellow who by sweat  and tears in the end reaches a key position to steal the company wholesale. He goes to Lichestein and dreads the day the kingdom changes its  tax haven status.  Whileone who never did a day’s honest work floats a pyramid scheme and makes off with it to a rogue nation. He gets instantly a celebrity status. His loot by a special Presidential decree is  free from any taint.

Moral: Thieves stick together  and even their law knows which side is more crooked than the other.



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