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Have you have ever lived in a street where only doctors lived and the  word ‘quack’ was ever uttered only by a duck?


I know a doctor who had loan sharks for his clientele and none of them ever came to him with a heart complaint?


The only croupier in my neighborhood had spent his lifetime in Las Vegas. He retired and went for a medical check up. He was told by his G.P he might have had Parkinson’s disease from his kindergarten days and he didn’t notice it?


Do you the know Mr. Rip Van Winkle, the congressman from New York,  who lounged in Washington DC, among other lawmakers who made infernal din and could  sleep? He asked, as he went at the end of term to the sergeant ‘Who is this Bill I heard so much lately?’


Bob Ripley who made Believe it or not a household name spoke when he was first taken by a midwife and slapped? He said,’I did not even do a thing!’


Richard Wagner had never heard the word Israel; nor did ever pass a racial slur on Jews? Do you know there are Jews who never listen to his Twilight of the Gods without thinking  it would make a beautiful musical score for ‘Bombs over Gaza’?


The writer of this piece never descended to silliness but the Web  raised it to inspired silliness?


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I can still recall the time and place I realized I was too superstitious for my good.

After a hectic day at the office I went to this restaurant to catch a late dinner. While salting my chops I spilt my salt. Quickly I threw some salt over my shoulder for luck. Unfortunately the chef  ‘midget’ Joe was behind me. He didn’t think much of a customer who salted his eyes for no good reason.

Knock on wood? Forget it. I tried it and happened so I knocked on a blockhead who hit my nose. It wasn’t wood but a nose that bleeds. Since then I dread when superstition rears its head.

I cannot find a good reason why I should follow silly practices if I could not even follow a single one right. I mean I follow them as prescribed but the circumstances do not permit me.


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