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The United States is one of the few Western democratic countries that permit independent militias.

Their rapid growth coincides with a sharp rise in partisan rhetoric as the November U.S. congressional elections draw nearer. Depending on your perspective, they are either patriots or paranoid. Experts in law enforcement and academia are divided as to how big an actual threat they may pose. But they all agree on one thing: the groups are very well armed.

“Most (militia groups) are merely in the rhetorical and defensive stage,” said Brian Levin, professor of criminal justice at California State University and an expert on militias and domestic terrorism. “But we don’t know which groups are going to be benign and which are going to be small incubators for radicalism.”

This reminds me of an uncle of mine who imagined himself a human guinea pig. He had no scientific background or backing from the government to conduct the kind of tests he carried out on himself. When the swine flue scare was at its height he tested on himself if the whole panic was the creation of some multinational company or not. So he injected some benign and some flue virus on himself.

When his family cried that he would be knocked out by flu he laughed it off saying,’ My rational mind says the benign virus will neutralise the harmful. My body will be left unaffected’.

Everything went according to his calculations. Only that he sneezed once and it was so hard that his whole inside( all squashed up by the struggle between the good and bad germs)came out. There was nothing worth salvaging in it.

There is a thin line between democracy and democrazy. It all depends how you safeguard liberty.


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