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O Lord,
Light my fire.
You that live in Pure Light
What fires we set here are
From our burning hearts;
Those whom You have
condemn’d to perdition
Know a little spill here,
And a little there will
Kill all.
Oil is not well that ends well, O lord.
I am too weak to set a mushroom cloud
But with fire burning in me,
let me do reverence to you.
Got a match on you,good ole’ Luciphor?
benny (no matches found)

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I am quoting a news item from SPACE.com of 18 May
Why we Exist?
‘The experiment has shown a small — but significant — 1 percent difference between the amount of matter and antimatter produced, which could hint at how our matter-dominated existence came about.’The results, announced Tuesday, came from analyzing eight years worth of data from the Tevatron collider at the Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Ill.
I think in my post A look into Miracle I had stated this as a fact. I imagined it and now it is proved right.
Anti-matter always gets the short end of the stick. In the transaction over the counter between positve and negative aspects, Life always settles for the positive.
Why, life is for those who shall invest for the good of greater numbers. Instead of complaining life is passing me by I post a blog or write a novel or amuse myself or others.

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Holding tight rein on your emotions is one way of living. I do not think I would want such a life. Let me enjoy life in its sweetness and if there should be moments of grief and irritations let me accept these as part of life. Life gives each varying tempos so monotony of always riding at one speed may be avoided. I see these vexations as the means to enjoy the happy moments all the more. Preciousness of my life is supplied by me. My parents because they cared enough to give theirs I am thankful. But it is for me to find my own rather than have a bad fit all my life. I must decide what I intend my life to yield for what I have put in.
Therefore I shall sit back and enjoy my life feeling the force that controls events, people has included me as well as part of it.
For me God is a loving God. I have life to learn from so maturity is possible or by neglect I am less than what I could have become. If I want to scoop hot coals to my bosom and thereby I burn myself, His nature is not a whit lessened. Only my foolishness prevents me from appreciating His love and goodness.
It is easy for people to do painful things and go through life chastened by their own mode of torture or embrace life like an infant comforted by presence of its parents.
Some think they please God by their deeds. If one thinks one gets benefit out of fasting and praying in impossible positions would please one’s conscience let each find what each will. God is not benefited by it.
It is not easy for great many to throw themselves into his lap and say,’Father, I am your child’ and await His all enveloping nature to smoothen their weariness or frenzied emotions. Instead they seek systems and invent ways to dictate How God ought to respond to theirs.
When we hold back our self we give only the second best to God, the Giver of all good things.

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A miracle to a modern mind is inconvenient since he cannot break its hard exterior to reach what kernel it may carry within. Where he seeks order and assurance what his senses tell are all within reason anything that does not fit this rule is disconcerting. Miracle is one such.
There is another difficulty and it rather indicates how shallow man’s reliance on reason is. Miracles in popular mind is connected to the Scriptures. Having rejected religion as not consonant with his rational belief he is more likely to reject miracles. Such rejection from a preconceived standpoint does not make his necessity of reason any more than an attitude. He is a modern man with a mindset of some centuries backwards.
Let us for a moment speak of miracles without including God or of the scriptures. There are galaxies moving and it is very likely these moving galaxies may criss cross one another. These billions of stars do not collide. Is it not a marvel?
Think of the Big Bang. Hypothesis of inflation states that all of the observable universe originated in a small casually connected region. I am not an authority in cosmology but I understand there are vast regions that are void,-where matter is thin and there are some regions where matter clusters. Background radiation preceding from the first moment( some 14.5 billion years ago) reaches us still. What has created such deserts in Cosmos? We have not really understood the nature of our universe or the scaffolding that is already set in it. Whether universe expanding or contracting to a Big Crunch we have to accept exception to a general rule is the norm. Such anomaly of matter being evident in the atom (so quantum mechanics could be built on its own rules of probability) can we say miracles are impossible?
Matter has its opposite anti-matter. Naturally annihilation must be a certainty when matter collides with antimatter. But universe is not annihilated because conditions that govern such destruction seldom occurs. It is as though a safety clause is built into the very heart of an atom. Anomalies of matter is a clause to keep the superstructure from falling under its very weight. (In the matter of voids and regions where matter clusters, are the voids some kind of nurseries for debris or to absorb all such shocks since cosmos is a field where stars die violently and give birth to new stars?)
As it seems to me such a safety clause is a positive aspect and an Absolute number to safeguard the infinite numbers (events,ideas, people or being) from completely overturning the few. Thus Hitler who had vowed to annihilate an entire race will be thrown down by causes that have no bearing on the few. Some may assume the few stands for the Jews. It is as correct as the Poles who would say their long cherished dream of sovereignty was preserved by ‘historical imperative’ and it is anomalous nature of matter.
Nature holds tricks that defies reason and confuses who impute God as an intervening deity to further their narrow ends. The Jews after the formation of Israel defends unlawful claim on Palestininan land on God’s promise to Abraham. Only events shall prove who is right. When Hitler was in full control there were so many who truly believed he represented the wave of future. Hitler claimed a 1000 year Reich but could only do damage for 13 years. In terms of yawning history running in millennia his reign was only a sneeze!

Miracles in nature exist and works for each of us; only that we are inadequate to explain why.


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I am giving an extract from my current novel.

Outline: Death of old King Tristan in a hunting accident. Ghost runners make their appearance.

It was the beginning of spring. The old king Tristan of Gothenburg along with his knights moved towards the Gilbarden fen that marked the western boundary of his kingdom.On the Western side of the Wolverine castle he had marked vast expanse of grasslands as his royal preserve. There his livestock grazed fattened on juicy grass and it also attracted herds of caribou. This was what got him out that day. He had promised his son a caribou head and it was all that mattered. Even as the sun declined and the landscape was beginning to take a spectral aspect all he could think of was his trophy. He was yet to spot one.
At last one stumbled in his sight. It was a monster of a caribou. ‘He belongs to me,- alone!’ shouted the king waving away those who had come closer. He had it right before him that moment, its eyes locked with his. It snorted as though it made his kingly ambition as trivial pursuit. It cared not a whit for the weapons nor for the stalwarts intent on their game. It was the master and it asserted its superiority in a terrain, ringed by sedge and peat bogs. It made a stir and shot past wild rushes. Never had such a worthy opponent set the king keen on bringing it down. He felt mocked by its brute vitality. It had him on the run and he lost it among the swirling mists.
He knew the sun was on decline. By night the terrain was treacherous. But he hadn’t given up. Dismounting from his horse he and his party moved forward. He heard clicking sound, and it was a tell-tale sign. The monster walked behind the mist and vapors that oozed from the bogs. The curtain would lift soon he knew. He had his long spear in his grip. It lay easy and snug. He motioned his warriors to back off. It had taunted him. It was an insult. He wanted all the more to fell the monster himself. The melting ice by spring had shown patches of lichen turquoise and yellow .The wet balls of velvet of many summers he kicked aside. A slight breeze, and the vaporous mist lifted. There he stood a caribou bull some 7′ feet high to shoulder. In quick glance he knew it should weigh at least 400 kilo. Unconcerned at being seen it stooped to munch lichens that gleamed wet and succulent. The king made a cautious step and tensed. The caribou paused, staring at him and carelessly shook its antlers. It was as though it dared him. He made a step forward at which the beast tensed. The king was determined. He let go his spear and he lunged forward to catch the handle in recoil. It had found its mark! He felt splash of blood and it was warm. Before the beast heaved in pain charging blindly he had to finish the job. He made a move to get his hand-axe from his leather thong that held his tunic. Before he could extricate it the beast turned and charged towards him. He sidestepped to plunge the short thick blade into the head. He could only lodge it on the cheek but it had cut into a vein and blood spurted in thick jets. A soft moan and the caribou wheeled to side. A sudden stab of pain cut through his own cheek. A point of its antlers had gored through his matted white locks into his cheek. It hurt. He was brought down under the weight of the beast. In throbbing pain he struggled unable to throw off the cascading shoulder,body rump and all. Then went everything dark. But for the ten warriors the king would have choked to death in the bogs plowed around in slush and blood.
Soon the king gained consciousness. One dressed his wounds with tincture of pine oil and covered with birch barks. His eyes gained its lustre. When offered wine he made a libation to the fallen beast and drank the remains in one gulp. He handed over the wine horn to his valet and ordered to have the skins carefully saved. He insisted the head should be carefully cut. It was his present for his son Mark who had turned eighteen. He felt elated. He ordered his party to strike eastward for his castle. One wagon was reserved for his trophy and it followed in the rear. It was night and under the massing stars the party cantered to an easy gallop.
Some twenty leagues on the king felt strangely light headed and he saw glow worms flitting about marking strange patterns on the enveloping gloom. The king riding on his piebald horse casually wiped his nose with back of his hand and he saw blood. He thought it nothing serious. His thoughts were making a weave of his son and his daughter. The glowworms had become a swarms and their luminescent calligraphy were profuse with whorls and curlicues that struck him as bizarre. His right cheek throbbed with pain. Knight Jonas Rood who rode to his side to inquire saw the gash too. It was dressed. Yet there spilled out strange luminescent blue and white lights. The knight gasped to see flecks of red dots of light furiously charging about as though it claimed dominance. The blues and whites had petered out and the cheek was swathed under one cloud of red light. Jonas Rood gasped,’Ghost runners!’ and fainted. Even when the party reached the place gate the king’s hands held the reins and the horse knew his master. He trotted surefooted through the gate into the palace and into the hall that was built in stone chiseled and molded after the Romanesque style.. The horse and his master trotted through passage ways paved in flagstones, followed by a gasping rally of menials. The horse stood only when the prince Mark and his sister followed by a ghastly pale Queen came towards it. The king was dead and only a nasty slash on his cheek and stains of blood on his gloved hand struck menacing. One would have thought he was asleep on the horse.
A silent scream struck terror on the royal household to see three or four light points blue and white cartwheel about the dead king’s head and glide into the cold night.
Ghost runners had come visiting.
Benny Thomas

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‘Chemical extracts from cigarette butts — so toxic they kill fish — can be used to protect steel pipes from rusting, a study in China has found.

In a paper published in the American Chemical Society’s bi-weekly journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, the scientists in China said they identified nine chemicals after immersing cigarette butts in water.

They applied the extracts to N80, a type of steel used in oil pipes, and found that they protected the steel from rusting.
University’s School of Energy and Power Engineering and funded by China’s state oil firm China National Petroleum Corporation.’ Here I extracted Reuters news of this day.
So cigarette butts have industrial uses. For countries trying to forge ahead of others this is good news.
Bad news is for humans whose lungs may collapse befor time.
When a fast buck is to be made who thinks of losers?
Billions of cigarette butts have to be found in Advanced countries in order to make this finding feasible. Besides collecting from all over the country is at prohibitive cost. It may prove impossible to put into use.
There are some thousands of refugees from developing nations trying to get in. A New Conservative government in UK may want to apply stringent laws regarding immigration. This news may make some stir in the corridors of Westminster.

Maybe other countries also will take this finding to heart. They can increase their industrial clout by enforcing new laws. Only those who can produce thousand cigarette butts on entry will be eligible to apply for refugee status.
Hope I am proved wrong.

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The last Ziegfeld Follies Girl has died.

Doris Eaton Travis, one of the legendary Ziegfeld Follies chorus girls, of the early 1900s, died Tuesday at age 106.
She continued to work long after her Follies days ended, with annual appearances on Broadway, a small role in a Jim Carrey movie and a memoir, “The Days We Danced: The Story of My Theatrical Family From Florenz Ziegfeld to Arthur Murray and Beyond.”
By then, the Ziegfeld Follies had become an entertainment staple. Inspired by the Folies Bergeres in Paris, Ziegfeld Follies was part Broadway show, part Vaudeville, featuring top entertainers such as W.C. Fields, Eddie Cantor, Fanny Brice and Will Rogers. Juicing up the show were beautiful female dancers who performed elaborate chorus numbers composed by Irving Berlin and who wore costumes by Art Deco designer and illustrator Erte.
Travis nabbed a part in the chorus of the “Ziegfeld Follies of 1918,” and Travis became the youngest Ziegfeld Follies Girl when she was hired at age 14. She became a principal dancer in 1920. She was like so many other affected by the stock marker crash of 29. With so many theaters folding up she must have found difficulty in finding a regular job.
May her soul rest in peace. We have lost a kindly soul espcially her skill in dancing must have kindly distracted great many who had to live through wars,depression etc.,
Ziegfeld Follies was more important to the progress of the world than Hitler’s follies. Think of great many talents the Ziegveld Follies polished! Their combined output one may say defined the American cultural landscape of the early 20th century.
(Ack:TOM McELROY, Associated Press Writer/May 12)

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In my previous posts where I examined the Big Picture I had formulated several principles to underpin my theories. Conjugation principle,Inversion Principle,Uncertainty Principle,Cluster Principle and so on. There is one principle of which I had till now held back. What is Clean Slate principle? In order to explain it let me point out from the night sky.

There are several billions of stars, light of  which when added up must make the sky bright. Yet it does not. Supernovae of star sends materials helter-skelter across space creating new stars in its wake. Background radiation of the Big Bang still reaches us. With such persistence cosmic events leave their signature around. This being the case why we see the night still dark as though the light sent forth from stars is blotted out by an unseen hand? The sky, in a manner of speaking has become a clean slate.

Science explains this  as due to the nature of universe expanding at a rate that starlight shall not make the night seen as day. The nature of Day is as distinct as Night is the exclusion of light is. Day and Night are distinctly apart.  Nature of Truth as distinct from Falsehood is. In  short we have to see in the Objective Lessons of Nature, what makes them valid. Nature as a mirror to Truth. Man makes truth of Nature, truth of Experience, and Truth of Action  to justify himself. Absolute Value of Truth is not what he can demonstrate. Even so it is in context of Truth.

The Clean Slate Principle refers to Absolute certainties against which every finite value has to come up against. Thus we use our free will to explain the nature of evil. Do we not use sophistry to explain that God as Omniscient Being must have known evil beforehand?  If He knows evil He cannot be Good? We weave our own ropes of reason to hang ourselves with.

In the analogy of night sky light supplied by various sources is still rendered as though these were null owing to the expanding sky. Similarly in the run off of march of events supplied by good and evil motives, consciousness of evil on God’s part is negated by power and wisdom of God. He is not the conscience keeper of the evil one. Bad motives come from a different source than good motives that a man keeps and acts upon are in keeping with His commandments. So man who suffers like a wrongdoer for the good that he did out of good conscience is in His keeping.   Clean Slate principle makes God free from any unfairness or partiality .

Is God partial? I may sound contradictory.God or Truth being absolute is impartial. Then if the righteous I mean those washed by the blood of Christ,-the manifestation of Love as collateral with Truth or Just draw from the Nature of Things and from the interplay of Wisdom and power do we say that God was unjust? Nature as mirror of God in wisdom and power creates what may seem to us miracles. Shall we accuse God of favoritism? Can eye accuse the body ‘why I see evil?’ Ear of the person has already lent itself to hear  what smacks of evil, and the eye is drawn along. Had the body renewed itself to weigh things as they are and not be swayed to the side of evil around the person, ear and the eye would have had saved themselves from the bother. The existing order of Nature is like the body. A miracle is nature on an improbable mode from our rational point of view. God is not stooping Himself to be partial but wisdom and power operating in Nature manifest as a miracle.That is all.

Here is the mystery of Born Again experience and miracle in a nutshell. Though born again a believer,-who had tasted His lovingkindness in the way he could have a renewal it is in the ways things operate.Such a person may still backslide and sink deeper into sin. God was not fooled by his fall. God is freed from what one does with good motives or  actively fall into sin on another occasion.

The Clean Slate principle states that we create evil, result of our finite nature. According to Cluster principle evil creates much more:  misery is another byproduct. The Clean Slate Principle states that evil resulting from man’s free will remains at finite level. Absolute value of Truth is undimmed by finiteness of truth we demonstrate.

God remains inviolate because of this principle.

God as Truth is not made any whit less because of truth as demonstrated by man.

It is in the nature of God, because God is  Love, to exercise this principle. Though our sins be as scarlet the Clean Principle can render as white as snow, to use a Biblical expression. This principle is in conformity with conjugation principle.

PS. Day is distinct from Night. Light of the Sun makes Day and Night though littered with stars and visible to us, is still Night. In this connection let me point out some men due to some accidents in their biology may be effeminate or genetically feminine. Has God gone wrong? In His eyes they are as distinct as man from woman is. God looks at the soul that is according to the Clean Slate Principle makes man and woman, distinct and clean. To God there is no confusion as we may have.(this is an amplified version of my previous post dated 18Feruary,2010)


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Great Britain was interested in charting the Northwest Passage and there was some 500 kilometres left unexplored so the British Admiralty sent a well equipped Arctic expedition to complete it. Sir John Franklin received the command HMS Erebus on 7 February 1845. Captain Francis Crozier in command of HMS Terror accompanied him. The crew were mostly Englishmen and the ships were fitted with steam engines and carried three years’ worth of conventionally preserved or tinned preserved food supplies. Unfortunately, the latter was supplied from a cut-rate provisioner who was awarded the contract only a few months before the ships were to sail. He had canned using his own process that led to sloppily-applied beads of solder on the cans’ interior edges and allowed lead to leach into the food.The expedition was last seen by Europeans on 26 July 1845, when Captain Dannett of a whaling ship Prince of Wales encountered Terror and Erebus moored to an iceberg in Lancaster Sound.

It is now believed that the expedition wintered in 1845–46 on Beechey Island. The ships became trapped in ice off King William Island in September 1846 and never sailed again. According to a note later found on that island, Franklin died there on 11 June 1847. To date, the exact location of his grave is unknown.

After two years and no word from the expedition, Lady Franklin urged the Admiralty to send a search party. Because the crew carried supplies for three years, the Admiralty waited another year before launching a search. Eventually, more ships and men were lost looking for Franklin than in the expedition itself.

In 1854, Dr.John Rae while surveying the Boothia Peninsula for Hudson Bay Company discovered the true fate of the Franklin party from talking to Inuit. He was told both ships had become icebound, the men had tried to reach safety on foot but had succumbed to cold and some had resorted to cannibalism. Rae’s report to the Admiralty, in a letter headed “Repulse Bay, July 29, 1854,” was published in The Times the day after his arrival back in London on 22 October 1854. This report to the Admirality somehow leaked to the press, which led to widespread revulsion in Victorian society, enraged Franklin’s widow and condemned Rae to ignominy. One of the most eloquent and outspoken critics was the novelist Charles Dickens. It was inconvenient truth. The British Establishment wanted a hero and they made Sir John Franklin one and as the discoverer of Northwest Passage. In the process Dr. Rae the hero of Orkeny was denied the fame due to him.

Reasons why a man is wrongly euologized as the discoverer of North West Passage on insufficient grounds and a man who was entitled to it on patent merits are diffuse: that officers and men of the Royal Navy should be accused of cannibalism or word of Inuit could be trusted as Dr.Rae did was unthinkable in the prevailing mindset of Victorian England. Rae was criticized because he had not gone to the scene of the tragedy to confirm the story, and he was accused of having rushed home to collect the 10,000pounds offered by the British government to anyone who ascertained the fate of Franklin and his party. Rae defended the credibility of the Inuit accounts, and insisted he had not received sufficient information to locate the site of the tragedy until it was too late in the season to continue the search.( Despite the protests of Franklin’s widow, the government’s reward of 10,000pounds for discovering the fate of the missing officers and men was finally granted to Rae and his men.)His adoption of native methods of travel in the Arctic was disapproved of by the Royal Navy.He was, however, accepted as a friend by the Inuit, for whom he had great admiration. Dr. Rae did not softpedal when he found the British naval officers and others who formed snap judgements after spending only a short time in the Hudson Bay company’s territories: “These self-sufficient donkeys come into this country, see the Indians sometimes miserably clad and half-starved, the causes of which they never think of enquiring into, but place it all to the credit of the Company.”

After long and fruitless search it fell to Lady Franklin to send an expedition by her own means. The Fox (177 tons), a three-masted schooner with auxiliary steam power, was purchased, and she put Francis Leopold M’Clintock, who had been promoted to captain in charge.His charge was to recover any survivors, retrieve relics, and to confirm that her husband’s expedition had discovered the Northwest Passage. Money was raised by subscription; the British Admiralty generously contributed many of the supplies. Refitted and strengthened, carrying twenty-eight months of provisions, the Fox left Aberdeen, Scotland, at the end of June 1857.

Tailspin: In his lifetime Rae was a controversial figure. In the 20th century Rae has been recognized as an innovator in techniques of survival in the north, and as the forerunner of the great Arctic explorers Roald Amundsen and Vilhjalmur Stefansson, both of whom acknowledged their debt to him.

I owe this post to BBC- Ray Mears’ Extreme Survival series

( Ack: wikipedia,libweb5.princeton.edu;www.biographi,ca-R.L Richards)


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Smartest Crooks Know Law is on Their Side

Enron scandal did not happen by itself. It was made to happen by some crooks with lots of help from other agencies. For example Arthur Andersen one of the largest audit and accountancy partnership went out of business by playing along. Where did Enron get such a clout so suddenly and so authoritatively? It could not have been coincidence that natural gases were deregulated in 1985 and also marked the founding of Enron. How much politicians in office or outside (but with power to help the company along the way) shall be a debatable point. Remember the company’s television commercial of not so long ago, ending with the reverberating phrase, “Ask why, why, why?” That question we may phrase it as Ask Who,who,who,who?

Enron was formed in 1985 by Kenneth Lay after merging Houston Natural gas and InterNorth. With the coming of Jeffrey Skilling it was time to set special purpose entities, and it took care of accounting loopholes to hide billions in debt from failed deals and projects. Chief Financial Officer Andrew Fastow and other executives were able to mislead Enron’s board of directors and audit committee as well as pressurize Andersen from looking closely at high-risk accounting issues.

Stock prices of Enron at US$90 per share in mid-2000 caused shareholders to lose nearly $11 billion when it plummeted to less than $1 by the end of Nov.2001.On Dec.2 2001 Enron filed for bankruptcy. It was the largest corporate bankruptcy in U.S. History and also largest auditing failure. Employees and shareholders received limited returns in lawsuits, despite losing billions in pensions and stock prices. As a consequence of the scandal, new regulations and legislation were enacted to expand the reliability of financial reporting for public companies.

On looking back what was really the compelling reason for the United States Congress to pass legislation deregulating the sale of natural gas? It was all too plain that it was to give traders such as Enron to sell energy at higher prices, allowing them to thrive. After producers and local governments decried the resultant price volatility and pushed for increased regulation, strong lobbying on the part of Enron and others, was able to keep thefree market system in place.

McLean and Elkid in their book The Smartest Guys in the Room, “The Enron scandal grew out of a steady accumulation of habits and values and actions that began years before and finally spiraled out of control.”Risk takers ought to be awarded for their guts. It is an American quality’ In the end it proved crooks jumped and the spectator applauded bravely watching their motions calculated to deceive there was no hoop to begin with. When some express outrage at government controls think of Enron. It was fraud perpetrated on unsuspecting nation by people who were responsible to set checks and balances and defend the man on the street who voted them to office.(ack:wikipedia)

Free market shall allow such entities as Enron to exploit the public with the same ease as raising prices in commodities artificially by vested interests. In the case of state intervening there can be failures as mentioned in Gulf Oil Spill.

Pity that democracy is earmarked for humans withtheir faults:poor judgment greed, malice and lack of opportunites in their youth or neglected.


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