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‘Chemical extracts from cigarette butts — so toxic they kill fish — can be used to protect steel pipes from rusting, a study in China has found.

In a paper published in the American Chemical Society’s bi-weekly journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, the scientists in China said they identified nine chemicals after immersing cigarette butts in water.

They applied the extracts to N80, a type of steel used in oil pipes, and found that they protected the steel from rusting.
University’s School of Energy and Power Engineering and funded by China’s state oil firm China National Petroleum Corporation.’ Here I extracted Reuters news of this day.
So cigarette butts have industrial uses. For countries trying to forge ahead of others this is good news.
Bad news is for humans whose lungs may collapse befor time.
When a fast buck is to be made who thinks of losers?
Billions of cigarette butts have to be found in Advanced countries in order to make this finding feasible. Besides collecting from all over the country is at prohibitive cost. It may prove impossible to put into use.
There are some thousands of refugees from developing nations trying to get in. A New Conservative government in UK may want to apply stringent laws regarding immigration. This news may make some stir in the corridors of Westminster.

Maybe other countries also will take this finding to heart. They can increase their industrial clout by enforcing new laws. Only those who can produce thousand cigarette butts on entry will be eligible to apply for refugee status.
Hope I am proved wrong.

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