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Once when David Lloyd George was speaking in the House of Commons, a member of the opposition kept on interrupting him.’Give him dynamite,’ one of his supporters urged. To which the Welsh Wizard
replied:‘Why should I waste ammunition when insect powder would do as well?’
The last great speech of David Lloyd was made after the debacle in the Norwegian campaign, in the early days of WWII. On this occasion Churchill chose to defend the Chamberlain government. Lloyd George turned to him and said,’My Rt. Hon’ble friend should not convert himself into an air raid shelter to prevent the splinters of public opinion hitting his new-found friends.
Once in a debate in the House, on being scoffed at by Daniel O’Connell for being a Jew, Disraeli retorted: ’Yes, I am a Jew when the ancestors of the Rt. Hon’ble Gentleman were brutal savage in an unknown world, when mine were priests in the Temple of Solomon.’
4. While defending his first budget, Satyamurthy’s interruptions prompted the Finance Minister,Sir James Grigg to say thus:’ The Hon’ble member must face ugly facts.’
Satyamurthy who was seated just opposite to the Minister shot back ‘That’s what I am doing here day by day.’ This felicitous remark brought laughter from all including Sir. James Grigg.

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