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During the rehearsal of one of his plays, Oscar went to a place with Sir. Herbert Beerbohm-Tree to have some lunch. He ordered a watercress sandwich, which in due course was brought to him. The sandwich was unusually thick and unwieldy and the dramatist was somewhat inconvenienced. At the end of the meal he informed the waiter thus: ’Tell the cook of this restaurant with the compliments of Mr. Oscar Wilde that these were the worst sandwiches in the world and that, when I ask for a watercress sandwich I do not mean a loaf with a field in the middle of it.’
The famous Punch cartoonist Bernard
Partridge was present when Wilde and Bernard Shaw met each other in the room of a common friend. Wilde was already a success and Shaw was just at the beginning of his literary career and not in the least timid of his talents. Encouraged by Wilde Shaw dwelt at length of a pet project he had in mind. He wanted to start a magazine. As Shaw paused Wilde said, ’That has all been very interesting Mr. Shaw; but there is one point you haven’t mentioned, an all important one-you haven’t told us the title of your magazine.’
Shaw was sure that he had to impress the force of his personality on the reading public. ‘I’d call it Shaw’s Magazine. Banging his fist on the table, he said, ’SHAW! SHAW!’
‘Yes,’ said Wilde, ’How would you spell it?’ At this the crowd roared with laughter including Shaw.
While Oscar Wilde was residing at 16 Tite Street, he was met by a tax-collector who for sometime was trying to meet him
‘I want to talk to you about your taxes.’
‘What taxes,’ exclaimed Wilde, ’What makes you think I should pay taxes?’
‘Well Sir,’ replied the tax-collector, ’you live in this house and sleep here!’
‘Ah yes, But then you see, I sleep so badly!’


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Augustus Caesar (63 BC-14 AD)

The nephew of Julius Caesar landed in Alexandria in pursuit of Marcus Antonius. He forced the city into submission. He had the sarcophagus containing the mummy of Alexander the Great removed from the mausoleum. He venerated it by crowning the head with a golden crown and strewing flowers on the trunk.
When asked if he would like to visit the Mausoleum of the Ptolemies he snapped,’I came to see a king and not a row of corpses.’
While avenging the death of his uncle he showed no mercy. The combined army Octavius, Antonius and Lepidus defeated Brutus and Cassius. When one prisoner asked for the right of a decent burial he got this cold answer,’ That must be decided with the carrion birds.’

Tiberius Caesar

While sojourning in Rhodes, Tiberius wished to hear a famous professor of literature named Diogenes who gave lectures on every Sabbath. He sent his slave with a request to give him a private lecture but Diogenes curtly sent back saying, ’Come back on the seventh day.’
When Tiberius became the emperor, Diogenes turned up in Rome and waited at the Palace door to pay Tiberius his respects. Tiberius in a mild rebuke sent word to him, ’Come back in the seventh year.’
While holidaying at Capri, a fisherman suddenly intruded into his solitary reverie. He had an enormous mullet, which he had lugged up the trackless cliffs at the rear of the island.
Tiberius was so unnerved by this sudden apparition that he asked his guards to rub his face with the mullet. The scales skinned him raw and in agony he cried out, ’Thank heaven, I did not bring Caesar that huge crab I also caught.’
Tiberius sent for it and had it used in the same way.

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A man who weeps today over yesterdays will find it necessary to repeat the same tomorrow.

Instant food and instant nirvana cannot put body and soul together for long.

A prophet of doom or a soap box orator is not as dangerous as pleasure peddlers who come in all guises ranging from God-man to pimps. Pleasure is the bait that gets most of men hooked.

‘Transfer factor’ is a protein which recognize a disease by activating body’s immune system so that it will not catch it a second time. It is possible to inject immunity from one person to another. One might even go as far as to say that the key to one’s well-being depends upon this factor. Love is the ‘transfer factor’ that keeps relationships from breaking up.

All knowledge arises from doubt. So is referral practice.

Vanity paints holograph of ourselves in the mirror.
How happy can one be? How wretched may one feel? There is no scale by which one may plumb the depth except that when one is happy it suffuses the body entirely with its warmth; similarly with misery. A letter from a long absent friend makes one happy while the first cuckoo call with the coming of spring makes another happy beyond belief. How we respond to our world is not in proportion to the external causes themselves.
There is a disconnect between me and my world in terms of my emotional outflow.

Reasoning faculties of my brain may rely on set aspects of my physiology but how I feel or affects my body belong entirely to another realm. Smile of a baby has made me happy for no particular reason that I could think of. Did I also become one for that briefest moment or is it that my experience as an infant responded to its smile? I dare say thinking is not the key but in the manner we are connected to the visible and invisible aspects of our existence ought to explain the mystery.
How healing of the body takes place in one by faith and with surgery in another may owe to this disconnect.

To deflate a stuffed shirt it does not require anything more than a tickle in the funny bone.

Tyrants fear the keen shaft of wit more than the grape shot of a cannon.

A majority could be crushed by the Press, as much as it lets an individual off the hook by silence.


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