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I came across a news item that in the southern ocean sperm whales counteract with the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Their feces do the job. Our carbon footprint on land somewhere along the line must deal with it: do we consider ourselves blessed that sperm whales out there have in them to keep our blue planet run on without much hiccup?
This makes me wonder: Here on land all religions consider a speck of dirt not to mention feces falling on the offerings taint them. Temple priests pour milk over idols and chant mantras for rains and many other things besides. Would they not consider their sacrifice or ceremony ruined if some speck of feces fall into it? In short man on the earth ignorant as always of Nature’s ways, deals with what he can not understand, treat Nature in an arbitrary fashion.
Man can understand the lure of gold or the sound of money. So he drills the sea and deceive all that he knows what he is doing. Only that when oil spill in the gulf goes on rampage and cause great destruction he shows he has been completely a damn fool to tinker with things that he has not foreseen. Only option for him is to play blame game. Does he even here pause for some sober reflection and change ways?
Money has completely screwed up his thinking set he would embark on another enterprise that gives him dividends.


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I am quoting Associated Press news:
OSH, Kyrgyzstan – The U.N. has found evidence of bloody intent behind the chaos in Kyrgyzstan that killed hundreds, left the nation’s second-biggest city a smoldering ruin and sent more than 100,000 ethnic Uzbeks fleeing.
The declaration by the U.N. that the fighting was “orchestrated, targeted and well-planned” —Otunbayeva’s government, which took over when former President Kurmanbek Bakiyev was ousted in an April uprising, has claimed that Bakiyev’s family instigated the violence to halt a June 27 referendum on a new constitution. The provisional authorities need the vote to gain legitimacy and lay the groundwork for parliamentary elections scheduled for October.

If you go through news from Africa, India, Pakistan, Indonesia and many other the recent news from Kyrgyztan shall come as no surprise. politicians foment passions of people not on improving their lot but securing their own hold on them. While the Tamil Tigers were fighting in Sri Lanka a politician in Chennai was threatening Tamil Nadu with rivers of blood. It reminded me of Enoch Powell’s speech in UK some decades ago. Politicians of all hues and all over resort to such hate speeches. Ugly passions are couched in ugly rhetoric and politician deliver them with impunity. Is it not time anyone who come into national and regional politics to be booked so his/her public pronouncements are recorded? Every politician needs to be profiled in the manner he or she practice her craft and is to be barred from holding any public office if has no credible credential to do public good. In India all parties thrive on parochial and communal vote banks. So asking the politicians to restrain is a dead letter. There must be an independent citizen forum chosen from all walks of life to weed out all those unsavory elements from ever playing politics. Those who have chalked up three strikes in hate speeches must be barred for life. No nation can be redeemed by such depredations and those who play with ugly passions of people are be tagged as rotten egg.
A nations is rather better served by a sex-worker than say, a nephew of a national leader whose only credential is hate against a section of people whose religion is ‘wrong.’ A prostitute has a past and given proper encouragement and guidance she may secure a good future for the electorate and in the process redeem herself. What does one’s connection to some famous names in Indian politics will earn the nation? Almost nil if the candidate has sold himself to a party to play the hate card?
Any politician with dubious record in keeping communal harmony must earn him or her an entry in the International/national watch list as a known depredator.


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Wellesley, Arthur(1769-1852)
Ist Duke of Wellington

An unknown lady buttonholed the taciturn Duke who as the Victor of Waterloo was lionized wherever he went, much to his annoyance. It was his opinion,’ If once you allow soldiers to express an opinion, they may, on some other occasion hiss instead of cheering.’ Being of such sterner stuff to be at ease with hoi polloi he suffered the woman to ask: ’Is it true, Duke, that you were surprised at Waterloo?’
‘ No Madam, but I am now, ’was his reply.
The Duke was quite liberal with artists whom he were at various times commissioned to paint for his collection. He paid Sir. William Allan generously for ‘Waterloo’ and as he was counting out interminable bank notes, Sir Allan ventured to ask, ’Your Grace might prefer to draw a check on your bank to save time and trouble?’
‘Do you suppose ‘, growled the Duke as he went on counting,’I would let the clerks at Coutts know what a fool I’ve been?’
One of the Duke’s prized possessions was Canova’s gigantic nude statue of Napoleon, bought by Britain from the Louvre and presented to Wellington. When a British visitor told the sculptor that the globe in Napoleon’s hand looked too small, Canova replied, ’Ah, but you see Napoleon’s world did not include Great Britain.’

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