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Humayun (1508-1556) the Moghul emperor was, in comparison with other emperors in Moghul galaxy too humane and emotionally high strung to be an effective monarch. His life was bedeviled by his struggle to keep his ambitious brother Kamran in place. His father’s words must have rung in his mind ‘Do not harm your brothers even though they deserve punishment.’Ultimately he had to punish him by blinding him and it seems he was more punished by it.
Kamran on his way to Mecca passed through Sind where his wife awaited him. Chauchak begum, the daughter of Shah Hussain resisted all attempts of her father to keep her back. Her father followed the pair to Arabia to plead with her. Her reply to her father is so unusual it is worth quoting in full.
’You gave me to him when he was the ruler of Kabul,Badakshan and Kandahar. Now that he is poor and friendless you want me to desert him. Fortune may have turned his back on him but I cannot. He needs me now more than he did when the armies of armored soldiers were at his beck and call. A woman’s place is by her husband whether he be in a hut or in a palace, please father, do not waste your time. In case you try to take me away by force, your Chuchak will jump into the sea or choke herself to death.’

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