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An earthworm was run over by a passing cart and its mate was heartbroken. “No more I shall turn up the earth; let the earth go to hell for all I care.” Zeus descended at that moment to ask the earthworm to take back his curse. He refused and said,” I can’t. I’m too heartbroken!”
Zeus repented to watch the worm suffer and planted a Laurel sapling to mark the spot.
Eons later a pilgrim was passing at the foot of Mt.Olympus saw a laurel tree and he bowed and said,” Oh Zeus what brings you here?”
” Oh I came to check out the tree favored of gods. Looks still impressive. Isn’t it?”
Zeus then asked what took him on pilgrimage. He replied,
” Misery of my existence. I live among the dead and near unto dead. Loving means Mourning. Why love someone to see her dead one day?”
Zeus tried to tell him to take life by the horns. “Like this tree hug the earth, good and bad, sorrow and gladness alike.” The pilgrim received a laurel branch from him and took it to his people. He said,” Here is a branch! With these laurel leaves we shall make a wreath for the victor!”
It was how the tradition of crowning the victor with laurel began.

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