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Billionaire Paul J. Getty was sent a check for 200 pounds from a magazine asking for ‘a piece, not any great length,’ explaining his success.
Getty duly turned in his piece,” Some people find oil, others don’t.”
When John D. Rockfeller Jr. came of age in the financial world his father sent him to the formidable JP Morgan who wanted to buy some property belonging to the oil magnate. The junior duly called on Morgan and was ushered in his office where the banker did not look up from his papers for half an hour. This silent treatment had worked well with most experienced men before but the young man remained cool refusing to be intimidated. At last Morgan suddenly looked up and snapped,” I hear your father wants to sell his ore properties. How much does he want?”
“There must be some mistake,” John Jr. answered reaching for his hat, “I didn’t come to sell. I heard you wanted to buy?”
Before the speechless banker could reply, young Rockfeller departed. A few days later Morgan got the properties -at Rockfeller’s price.
Andrew Carnegie, when asked on one occasion whether he was not worried for fear that some young men he was training would take his place, shook his head and replied,”All that worries me is that they won’t.”
Carnegie noted for both business acumen and philanthropy was once visited by a prominent socialist whose main purpose was in convincing Carnegie the injustice of one man owning great wealth and the visitor tried to convince the Scot that a more equitable distribution of riches acquired through the effort of workers would avoid future conflicts. Carnegie heard him out. Then he asked his secretary for some particulars which were brought. Carngie studied the figures on world population and total worth of his assets. He said calmly to his secretary,” Give this gentleman 16 cents. That is his share of my wealth.”
(ack: Thesarus of Anecdotes-ed.Edmund Fuller)

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