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My Heart Leaps Up

My heart leaps up when I behold
A porn-site on the web:
So was it in postcards of old;
So it is now I am so old;
So be it when I shall behold
All in the web!
What I seek shall never come true
And I could wish a thought were there
That made them virginal in their deed.

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Much have I pined in the paperwork,
And many accounts and books tallied;
Round many expense accounts have I rallied
And found how Corporate heads work.
Oft of one name in particular I shirk
To cite among many follies in my work:
Yet did I never breathe or e’en bark
Till I saw Madoff scheme take off sky-high:
Then felt I like some stupid pen-pusher
Wading through worthless assets rated high:
My eyes ever on entries and number
Must keep my judgment suspended-fie!
Work is worship: but a lean purse, my boon
I guess Madoff has his god of Mammon

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