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Virtue of man, his integrity is only good as far as his individuality is on the line. But as a maker of history? He is more a liability than help. As a leader, it is aspirations of people that dictate his policy and not his scruples. Woodrow Wilson came to occupy the White House on a program to keep America out of a war that was in the offing. But what led him to take part in WWI will prove my point. A man at the highest office is not his own man. Another President, a man of great moral courage, Theodore Roosevelt got Nobel Prize for Peace( 1906) by brokering a deal between Japan and Russia a year before. Only that he had to sacrifice Korea to keep Japan from interfering with the Philippines, that the USA considered their private preserve. What atrocities Japan committed there must owe to this secret deal?

Every ideal must break against aspirations of others. The Pilgrim Fathers sailed to the New Continent looking it as a fresh beginning, a great Experiment. What made them leave Europe in the first place? Was it not for religious intolerance they experienced back home. Quakers, Non-conformists and believers of all hues who had seen America as the New Canaan underwent great many privations to sail for the new continent and establish their Zion. Instead of their ideal to usher in the Millennium rule recorded in Isaiah, we know their history was far from perfect. Their two centuries of history was a written in blood. History of modern America is deeply set into a pattern: there is no escaping from it. The fate of Native Americans and minorities make a mockery of their ideals even if they try hard. What went wrong? Ideals of the Pilgrim Fathers could not have accounted for contrary movements that were already at play. These movements are like the inflation theory in astrophysics, the burst of energy that came into play in seconds after the Big Bang. Cluster principle allows such prodigious minor events that were scattered about coalesce into potent causes. In recent times we see this principle well illustrated in the Iraq War. The USA went in to topple the Saddam regime. It merely made the age-old animosities between sects, tribes more into the open not to mention Kurds and Iran who have their own agenda.

History also shows any breakthrough achieved by individual shall not strictly remain for long within the immediate necessity that warranted it. It shall certainly spread all over and its scope enlarging ever and in the end it will appear in a manner no one would be comfortable with. Nuclear age was ushered in with the surrender of Japan. Did it not over shoot the original intent to become a deterrent? After the fall of Soviet Russia we have many more players who have access to nuclear arsenal. Cupidity,envy, hatred fame and power are all individual traits that convulse mankind. Beneath great movement lurk these like leaven. John Calvin wanted to found a state where God was to be the real power. Only that he wanted to rule for Him. Consider how did it fare. Any man who wields power using God as the front will please neither God nor man. It may be some mullahs or some monks to cite from the present trends. The end result will be a disastrous hotch-potch of ideals and rank villainy.

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