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Is God the Mover and Shaker of History?

Considering the concept of God is so ingrained in people’s mind I shall address the question by using Einstein’s formula E =mc2 Energy as any schoolboy would know is neither created nor destroyed. A small mass of matter when converted releases tremendous amount of energy. All that energy mankind has ever possessed or shall, owe to what was released at the time of the Big Bang.
Let us look at the equation once again. The m must denote any matter that has a mass. This equation holds true anywhere in a material universe, including men.
Here I am concerned with men who have energy and those who make history.
Like the gold standard to which currency of nations are tied, is it possible to refer events and men who make history and tie to a single standard?
To answer let me cite a few examples.
No great monument like the Pyramids of Cheops could have been built on the levels of energy of the ruling class alone. So the powers-that-be hit upon an idea that would electrify the masses. A belief in afterlife and the pharaoh as a celestial symbol made it all possible.
So energy can be pooled and invested for the furtherance of a common idea. Great monuments Cathedrals and Civic buildings are testament to man’s ideals. But these are not living expression of man’s faith but curiosities and a milestone in the march of history. Energies of peoples who made these possible must have passed on to other areas.
Now the example of Napoleon Bonaparte comes to mind. He assumed the title of the emperor of France. His military genius ranks him among the immortals such as Alexander and Julius Caesar. His brilliant victories with such a powerful army battle hardened and disciplined so much so he could not have sat idle. He had to push his ambition further. Thus he was caught in the crest of a wave that took him to his Russian campaign. Disaster was the result. What went wrong? Do you not see his overweening ambition was a trap?
In terms of transactional energy Napoleon could marshal energy of all those who followed him to battle or who espoused his cause in the Chamber of Deputies. Bonapartism was a force to reckon with. For example at first there were 100 deputies in the French Chamber. But by 1898 there were none. Bonapartism was dead within 77 years after his death. If the glory of Bonaparte was gone with his death, energy that he could orchestrate must still be around. As I said at the outset it is neither created nor destroyed.
It is not men, and not ideas that keep the score but energy that fires up both. History shows clearly ideas and achievements of mankind keep circulating just as an oceanic conveyor belt providing certain push or pull to affect the nations, but how ideas have been put to use were never been the same. Bolshevik revolution of 1917 was an experiment for the world to sit up and note and how it fared in Russia and China were entirely different. How they refashion their future in adopting market economy also shows a truism: each nation draws lessons from history with emphases placed differently.
Oceanic conveyor belt beginning as cold current ends up as a warm current. The salubrious climate of North West Europe is the result. Thanks to the Big Thaw some 13000 years ago, the Gulf Stream made Lofoton a small town off the coast of Norway 10 degrees warmer than any town deep in Siberia though these lie in the same latitude. But these conditions shall surely change. Take the Minoan culture of the ancient world. A tsunami may have brought it down but consequently led the Greek mainland to advance and spread the Greek ideals all over Europe and much of Asia. According a Biblical account while Israel was in the grip of a great famine the Hebrew was sustained by the abundance of Egypt. If God’s ‘chosen people’ needed a helping hand it had to be from other ‘gentile’ nations. Advantages of any nation are built up by power wherewith energy of great many can be built up to some purpose. When the significance of the intent is lost all that energy garnered is scattered around. Villains,good, and fools all have had chance using these to shake or move the mankind ever so little. Such supremacy of man or nations is for a finite period.
Men and ideas pass on unable to control history for long. Buddhism with pacifism at the heart or Islam by the sword tilt at the windmills of history. The moral of such energy for anyone to make use seems a sound one. Nature does not put her eggs all in one basket. The idea is to leave both good and evil to be stored away in the collective consciousness of mankind. For ‘God’ a Jew , Moslem or Caucasian or Hindu are alike.This being the case any one imputing He favors any tribe or nation in particular is nonsense.
Each man with energy to spare is a player and has the power to make history. Only that how an individual and a nation behave in terms of energy are as distinct as quantum laws in the heart of an atom is different from the universe where gravity rules. An individual has to get his values and choices right and his judgment is only admissible in a very narrow sphere whereas makers of history are judged by their life’s work. Dictators like Pol Pot or Joseph Stalin may die in bed while Mussolini had a violent end. Think how relevant these are to the present day. Insignificant I dare say.

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