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Son pointing to the newspaper: He Pop, What is this Iron Curtain?
Pop, none too wise for all his reading scratches his head, ‘Reliable news is hard to come by from the East. What are the Commies up to?’
Son now in his father’s shoes is reading the news.
His son reading over his shoulders,”What’s thing about Bamboo Curtain?’
Father: This inscrutable Chinese! We can’t trust what we get to read from Beijing.’
Father now on his death bed asks his grandson: What’s new?
The boy of 12 checks his android and says,’ Protestors fired upon in Libya. But news from the ground are unreliable, it says. Must I go on?
Dying man turns other way murmuring,’All that I wanted to hear was news of the world as it was. Not even a single day I succeeded!

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