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How history is made but on deficits that are left from past events?
Hitler was from early on determined to attack Russia. Lebensraum was a geopolitical theory that he had read on as a young man. (Of course he read Marx etc., superficially and took only what he wanted out of it. Leave it to his intellectual deficiency and lack of discipline. Similarly he made a hash of Eugenics. He was surrounded by third rate intellectuals like Rosenberg,Goebbels). The Non-Aggression treaty with Russia was merely a convenience in which he wished to protect his eastern flank while facing France and Britain. When it suited him he broke it and on attacked Soviet Russia . To his horror he found he had miscalculated his foe. Stalingrad bled him white.
If Russia was wounded and equally worn down by fighting Nazi Germany, the Pearl Harbor was like a shot in the arm for Russia. Stalin could breathe easier since her traditional enemy Japan was fully engaged in a fight to finish with the US. Stalin deployed army that was kept in the east for the final push to Berlin.
What of Germany? Hitler had planned the final solution even before he ever became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933. He had become the master of practically whole Europe and yet he dared not wipe off the Jews. Hitler even postponed the program for three weeks from the date earlier decided on only because of the US. Hitler personally stood in awe of FDR and also the industrial might of the USA. Once America declared war on Japan on the Pearl Harbor incident there was nothing to stop Hitler from exterminating the Jews. No one in his circle ever wanted to take on such a program that they feared would bring them universal hatred.
Japan was an ally of Germany. Germany declared war with the USA as well. This is a classic example of Historical Deficit that I have coined to demonstrate the manner events unfinished or unevenly settled would trigger greater or equally catastrophic events. How the Versailles Treaty patched up the peace in an arbitrary fashion paved the way for Hitler’s rise. Historical Deficit makes the best laid plans of man go awry.

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Beethoven, Ludwig van (1770-1827)
Beethoven allowed his titled friends to patronize and assist him but never permitted them to dictate to him. His carefree existence at the Lichnovsky mansion was doomed after a quarrel. When he left it ina huff he smashed the bust of his good friend and generous host. Later he wrote a note: ’Prince, what you are, you are by accident of birth. What I am, I am of myself. There are and will be thousands of princes. There is only one Beethoven.’
During the busy years of composing, Beethoven’s music so filled his life and thoughts to his dress or eating hardly making demands on him. One day in a restaurant he sat at a table and ordered his meal. Before the waiter could bring his order he started to jot down notes in his ever handy notebook. He became so absorbed that he didn’t know the waiter had taken unusually long time to serve him. When he finally arrived Beethoven thinking that he had already eaten asked for the check.

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Kerala Ravi Varma, Valia Koithampuran(1020-1290 M.E)
According to Western calender he was born in 1745. When he was thirty he fell out of favor with the Maharaja of Travancore and as a result he was put under house arrest in the confines of the Alleppey palace. After a year he was moved to another palace and he was released only in 1780. Each day was like a century for him made more distressing since he was deeply in love with his wife who was also disconsolate. She was in Trivandrum. In his poetic vision he found the peacock at the Haripad temple as his go-between. Just as Kalidasa, earlier found in the drifting clouds the carrier of his deeply felt feelings. He wrote the poem, sublime in thought and grandiloquent in meter fifteen years after he was released.

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