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Graphic Novel-The Ring of Fate©
In the year Oleg, the king of Vikings sailed for Byzantium (907AD) Malvern, a wizard sends a band of Antler-men to populate an unknown territory. The warriors find they are in a galaxy of stars where they have to compete with Parmirians for living space.
Antler men are cyborgs, which can move in seven dimensions. The Malvern Saga narrates the love hate relationship of the chief of Antler-men SILVER BOLT with MAGDA a Parmirian princess. This is played out in several dimensions so what happens to them in outer space has parallel on the earth as well.
The present book The Ring of Fate The Star ZOLTO is running out of fuel and the Antler- men have to make a getaway. Their exit plan is to be transformed into GHOST RUNNERS and carry their civilization along. There is one problem because of a prisoner. She is beautiful and fatally wicked MAGDA who has sworn to destroy them. She can only handle five dimensions against their seven dimensions. The four elders discuss and Chief SILVER BOLT is given the ring of fate to execute the princess. But Magda knows a trick or two to disarm any. But does she succeed ?
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