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One day a lamb came from his hibernation. A wolf who saw him huffing and puffing from exertion asked what brought him to public life.
‘Service of course.’replied the lamb who was some eighty years old. Seeing the lamb with his mouth lathering and eyes dull with senescence the wolf asked somewhat moved with pity:’ How come you stayed alive from being eaten by one of us?’
‘I was in hibernation’. Munna the lamb replied,’ The day Bapu was felled by assassin I said to myself, ‘this calls for self-introspection.’
The wolf said with a guffaw,’The pasture is now overrun with us. We wolves run the land. We do not allow the shepherd to do his job.’
‘You mean you have bound the shepherd hand and foot?’
‘No bachara,’ wolf sniggered,’ The shepherd must follow the rules. Law states that he can only take action with prior permission from the master.’
‘Who is the master?’
The wolf replied with a short laugh,’People! But they do not know they are expected to do anything further since the shepherd is as large as Himalayas.’
Munna stamped his foot and howled with pain,’Sciatica-ouch, and I cannot run about as before. But I shall fast unto death.’
The wolf could not believe. ‘You mean you want to fight against corruption?’
‘Yes, why not?’ the lamb was certain it was good time as any.
‘Right now,’ Munna was determined to make a stand. The wolf sidled upto him and asked,’Is it wise?’
The wolf pointed that the lokapal bill was lost in a deep tunnel of forgetfulness and nothing would bring to surface.’
Munna thought for a while. He said in a last-ditch effort,’People are with me…’
While the doddering lamb fumbled for a word the wolf suggested,’to a wolf?’
‘People are not for wolves. So you don’t count.’
You think People will stand by you while their makkan, kapada, dukkan and roti are getting spoilt? May be they will stay on while the TV crew and the press are around. You think the filmi crowd who pledge allegiance to you can afford to miss their schedule or meeting their producers. What of their black money?’
‘How come you know so much?’
‘Munna, while you were sitting tapas I have been sharpening my wits from the school for rogues’. He added,’Do you know Hasan Ali, A. Raja, Mundhra?’
Munna laughed, ‘See, they are examples that corruption does not pay.’
‘ But I am made of a different stuff.’
Munna the lamb queried, ‘How do you think you will trip me up?’
The wolf smiled broadly and said,’ I will let you die in your hunger strike. After you die I shall see that you are awarded Bharat Ratna. I shall make you part of the Establishment. No way you shall escape me.’
Munna sighed and said,’Is it true?’
The wolf had the last word,’If Bapu’s death could not make the nation follow his example for more than 62 years, you think a nine day wonder like you would make any difference?’


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