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Life and Progress
Mulla when old and infirm took a journey visiting his home town. He also visited the old religious school and the head of the school proudly explained everything was now on scientific basis. The boys were first required to do calisthenics and read Koran on a certain posture.
‘Do you think it will improve their understanding?’
The head of the school was sure it made them appreciate at what cost they were receiving instruction.
During dinner the old mulla was perplexed to see them eating according to new regulations.
Noticing his astonishment the host said it was all in keeping with the spirit of things.
‘Progress,’ the head of the school said with pride,’goes with how-to- requirements of belief.’
On the last week of his stay they went on excursion to the nearby oases and while crossing a short stretch of wilderness the mulla fell into sinking sand and was being sucked. Mulla asked his host,’Say do I go down clockwise or other way?’

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