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RALEIGH, N.C. (World News) — Forget the speculation that the end of the world will occur on December 12, 2012 as the end of the Mayan calendar. An independent Christian groups in the U.S. even predicted the end will come more quickly: 21 May 2011.
Is Marie Exley, a U.S. Army veteran who campaigned heavily this doomsday warning. Exley is a member of the U.S. independent churches that preach through radio broadcasts and the Internet. This church group claim to base her prediction on the Bible.
They are aggressively spreading the message of doom through billboards, benches at bus stops, the caravan, and mobilize volunteers distribute pamphlets in various corners of the city, from Bridgeport to Little Rock, Arkansas. To spread the message outside the U.S., they even have a group of volunteers who would go around Africa and Latin America.
“Many people might think: the end will come, let’s celebrate. But our Lord commanded to give a warning,” said Exley. “I could be like everyone else, but it is better to know when the apocalypse comes, you know, you will be safe.”
In August, Exley left her home in Colorado Springs, to work at a community radio in Oakland, California. Radio is radio Christian ministry headed by Harold Camping – the person most responsible for this version of end times prophecy.
“If you still want to say we’re crazy, please. But it never hurts to see this message,” Exley said
The variant to the old shell game is still around. These cranks who switch shells play with our credulity and tell us “If you still want to say we’re crazy, please. But it never hurts to see this message,” Any one who think he can predict the end times must be God or a crank. Since I know whom I believed I would say Pastor Exley ought to have her head examined.In all probability she is still suffering post trauma of her army career. Why should loonies take to play shell game, I cannot say.
We are shell shocked as she is.

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Jo’s Requiem-by Ernest Rhys(1859-1946)

He had the plowman’s strength
in the grasp of his hand:
He could see a crow
three miles away,
and the trout beneath the stone.
He could hear the green oats growing,
And the south-west wind making rain.
He could hear the wheel upon the hill
when it left the level road.
He could make a gate, and dig a pit,
And plow as straight as stone can fill
And he is dead.

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