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The dream of flight was fueled by man’s observation of the birds, and is illustrated in myths across the world (e.g. Daedalus and Icarus in Greek mythology, or the Pushpaka Vimana of the Ramayana). The first attempts to fly also often drew on the idea of imitating birds, as in Daedalus’ building his wings out of feathers and wax. Leonardo da Vinci’s design was limited since it relied on pedal power. Attempts to build wings of various materials and jump off high towers continued well until the seventeenth century. ( aviation history-ack:wikipedia). In the wake of Industrial revolution it was inevitable the application of machines became as important as man’s imagination.
The dynamics of this alliance between man and machine would change. The fanciful world of alchemists would give way to hard-nosed scientists,- and science and not humanities became the hi-octane fuel driving progress. It also forged a link with Technology as the benchmark for human progress. The effect of art and humanities on human mind I guess was not so much visible as of technology for the world to go some direction. This partnership between Science and technology if logically taken to its conclusion robotic age on one hand must happen. On the other man would think of conquering outer space, provided man is able to master the right technology. How can this ever happen without that elusive quantity in the equation- man? By this I mean every facet of his mind, his imaginative faculties and practicality included.
To sum man cannot do away with any of his experience. His imagination like the wax wings of Icarus may fail since his grounding in science was not sound. Man’s fancies may be under no discipline to conform to certain discipline but there shall always be a point where art has to take a degree in a manner of speaking. It may lead to pure research.
Since technology has shrunk the world into a global village we may hear some grumbling at the pure research. But without it or art, technology shall only be a creation of some Frankenstein. The versatility of new-generation Mobile phones is a spin off of exploration of the space.
Progress of man is a co-operative effort.
Man in trying to express himself does so after his fashion: from nature- a pushpak vimana; or a composite type- wings made of wax in imitation of birds’ wings. He adds something of his own invention to what is already existing. No wonder, inventive mind of man shall not rest with a single success. If he would learn to be airborne he would put it to refine to such degree that shall keep with his ever changing requirements. Hot air balloons shall be replaced with gliding, biplanes and so on.

In course of time we find airplanes are not merely for flying but for military purposes. Planes that could destroy towns, cities thoroughly are natural extensions of man’s striving for excellence. In short man who raises himself ever a notch higher into higher realms finds a drag that makes his angel, a monster. Science bears the stamp of man’s excellence, his curiosity while Technology recognizes only economics. Can there be evil in the very perfection that we strive for?
Devil is in the details, sir. In the very essence of Good resides resident Evil like the serpent in the Garden of Eden. This is inevitable: since every progress of man is necessarily a cooperative effort. How experience of each draws from the Collective experience shall connect, we may expect Dr. Faustus who only thinks acquiring knowledge shall connect with Mephisto who would want his soul in return.
Fancy free and footloose man sets out but before long tollbooths would overtake him and may even stop him for toll.
Ack:Aussie student finds the Missing Mass-AFP May 27 I am giving an excerpt:
Monash astrophysicist Dr Kevin Pimbblet explained that scientists had previously detected matter that was present in the early history of the universe but that could not now be located.
“There is missing mass, ordinary mass not dark mass … It’s missing to the present day,” Pimbblet told AFP.
“We don’t know where it went. Now we do know where it went because that’s what Amelia found.”

Pimbblet said astrophysicists had known about the “missing” mass for the past two decades, but the technology needed to pinpoint its location had only become available in recent years.
He said the discovery could drive the construction of new telescopes designed to specifically study the mass.
Pimbblet admitted the discovery was primarily academic, but he said previous physics research had led to the development of diverse other technologies.
“Whenever I speak to people who have influence, politicians and so on, they sometimes ask me ‘Why should I invest in physics pure research?’. And I sometimes say to them: ‘Do you use a mobile phone? Some of that technology came about by black hole research’.
“The pure research has knock-on effects to the whole society which are sometimes difficult to anticipate.”


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