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Dominique Strauss-Kahn who recently resigned as IMF chief has been freed on bail as he faces charges of sexually assaulting a hotel chambermaid. For sensation mongers his arrest presented a field day and naturally there has to be conspiracy theories that he was set up.
It has been suggested by those who knew him personally that he was a skirt chaser and a writer came up with the news that some nine years ago she was manipulated into a liaison. It would seem despite his personal charm ‘le seducteur‘ could bully those who worked under him into a relationship that in the end doesn’t yield anything worthwhile to the woman.
The incident at the NY hotel was not a freak accident but was set up by himself. I mean certain lapses on his part from way back were climbing higher all along as he showed the force of his intellect and drive and rightly he could say he was a man for the world to look up to. Little did he take note of his personal faults and even as a man of importance marked for still greater things these were waiting for an occasion. Did he care? I suppose he didn’t.

On looking back we may say Dominique Strauss-Kahn ought to have got his act right,and also when his character could be rightly molded to its right temper. He had certain moral issues to sort out that he neglected. The whole world may be rooting for you to show up at the seminar but if you only packed the papers for presenting your wonderful ideas and left the travel papers behind it would likely to end in a no show. At the airport you will be turned away. In a somewhat similar situation Dominique Strauss-Khan has let down quite many.

I am sure being ambitious and of competitive spirit he would have seen himself playing a substantial role in public life. He had a fighting chance to succeed Zarkozy to the highest office. But why did he go against his own interests? It is a tragedy of the proportions from a classical Greek drama.
A roving eye as an adolescent with testosterone working over time may explain one trying to score every girl he casually comes across. But then should not one ask oneself is that all to life that one should give in to bodily appetites every time they present themselves?There are so many instances where those who are shakers and movers of the earth proving themselves indiscreet and imbecile when it comes to their personal lives. The American legislator who recently sent lewd photos of himself to some women must certainly be the prize fool of the decade. The people sent him to Capitol Hill to pass some law that would please them and instead what did he do? He goes bananas whenever he feels a tightness around his crotch. Or take President Clinton who felt uptight at times what with the Balkan, Kuwait issues crowding his judgment around. Then he didn’t even have the courage of his conviction to smoke a cigar and let matters take their own course. It is a two minute thing and you count up to ten as slowly as you please, and you are rewired to get on with the job. He was a great communicator alright but he stopped short of communicating with his libido,’Stop!’. It would seem the world lay much in store by superficial qualities. They all want a hero an uncommon want,- and there are fools by dozens to fit their bill. Bernard Madoff for instance only needed to rattle money half the world like lemmings were ready to jump into an abyss, not caring if that did leave the fate of their families to chance.
Practice of self restraint especially when you are young is a great medicine. A daily dose of it is effective: it makes one learn how to exercise judgment on his conduct in his relation to others and even when only he is concerned. By care and attention to building up character one finds it easier to restrain from giving to a pure impulse.
An impulse like prejudices is false light, miasma that conceals quite something else. Inability to exercise reason in the most reasonable persons where a personal fault or lapse ( as in the case of the ex-IMF chief) left lying in wait can undo great many things.
A syndrome is defined as a goup of symptoms that consistently occur together or a condition characterized by a set of associated symptoms.
Although not a friend of Strauss-Kahn, the French law enforcement source knows his background and private life well, and suggests that while Strauss-Kahn may “have an issue with his penis, he never forces anybody”.
It is quite possible. But given the circumstances when one is coming out of a shower stark naked to have a chamber maid alone in the room is a scenario that may soon spiral out of control if your darkest secret is rampant and it is out to cause you mischief. Perhaps 5” or 7″ can bring down a 6’4” or a Kalahari bushman if opportunity presents itself.In Strauss-Kahn’s case a fine career built up on solid grounds is smashed up by a teeny-weeny moral lapse. This is Strauss-Kahn effect.
The old adage ‘an open door may tempt a saint’ is true and if we are farther from having a halo over our heads we need to cross over to other side and walk away.

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