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Aesop Fables

The fox who got trapped

A fox while strolling through a woodland came across an old tree that had stood the test of ages. ‘Liberty tree!’ cried the fox with his patriotic feelings welling within. It was grand old tree that had majesty. The roots were well dug into the soil and the branches were all spread to catch the sunshine all through the year.
Mr. Fox saw a large gap and said, ‘I smell food.’ He dived through the gap to investigate. As he had imagined it was parcel of food left by some workmen. Whoever left there had evidently forgotten. ‘Finders keepers!’ the fox knew that in a system of free enterprise his initiative had to be rewarded. He ate and ate till his belly was fit to burst. Only that he found himself trapped in the hollow of the tree and panic set in. He hollered and sang patriotic songs hoping that he would be delivered. Oh no one came. Then a fox passed by and Mr. Fox shouted and he was heard.
The passing fox asked what was the matter and he said he could not get out.
The fox shrugged his shoulders and said, ‘You big capitalist fox, sweat it out. Once you have digested and feel hungry it is time to come out as you went in.’
Mr. Fox ‘ You mean there is no such thing as manifest destiny?’
‘Oh don’t be ridiculous,’ he said,’ You are in no way set apart to exploit opportunities all through.’
Mr. Fox didn’t like to be told that he was a fool but he did get out of the gap when he had trimmed himself by starvation.


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