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O Great King! there was a merchant who did lend money to many merchants and kings in the foreign lands. He found that day of reckoning was due and he set out sufficiently in advance to meet his debtors in time.
After calling on his clients one after the other he thought it was time for pause. Collecting his satchel with his accounts and monies he went to a secluded part and sat down. He washed himself and from the bag took out his lunch box. He was in the middle of a garden and sat under a shady tree and thought he was the most lucky to have had no cares in the world. He ate his fill and took out some dates. He ate them one after the other and flicked the stones as his happy frame of mind gave a license to do whatever fancy took him. He flicked the last one and lo, he heard a deep blood curdling cry. He was most perplexed.(To be cont’d)

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