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The first sheik tugged at the leash and said,’Here is my wife, the daughter of my paternal uncle. Some 30 and odd years I was married to her and she did not produce any child in this period. So I put her away and married a slave girl who promptly produced a boy.

I was happy and I did not pursue my business as diligently as before. My traveling to distant shores for bringing in fresh and exotic goods I delayed.’He paused to check if he had caught the attention of the Jinn. He need not have worried. The Jinn nudged him to continue,’When the boy became fifteen I set out to do business and I had to be away for almost a year.’ He paused for effect. Jinn asked,’Then?’
Little did I know the woman whom I had let her to my bosom was well into black magic and in my absence she had transformed her into an heifer and my son to a calf.O Jinn I came to know this only too late.’

He sighed as he said this.
(to be continued)

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