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The merchant continued,’Upon return I did not find my son or his mother. So I asked my uncles daughter what happened in my absence. It struck me strange in her irritation and said,’In your absence the slave had other ideas. So she took her son to seek new pastures.’Upon asking further she made a grimace to indicate she had nothing more to say.
The Great Feast was upon us and my cousin-wife said it was necessary to get ready for the celebration. She wanted me to kill the heifer that was tied in the stall.So I asked my attendant to bring the heifer from the stall and the butcher was called in. At this the heifer started wailing as though it had human voice. More strange it seemed to me that it sobbed and real tears were pouring copiously.
The attendant went pale and said,’ Master, cry of the heifer harrows me to the soul.’ I assured him it was indeed so. I asked,’Master does it not affect you?
”Oh no’ answered he,’I am affected if I cut meat badly.’
He slaughtered efficiently and I heard his exclaim,’By the beard of all houries, I am affected.’ He held up his handiwork and said,’Look what this heifer carried merely a bag of bones. He picked a bone and said with a groan, not even an ounce of marrow!’ He was sure the world had come to a bad end.He said in despair. We butchers have nothing more to do if fat heifers end up like this.’ I told him to take his hire and leave.’
I called my cousin wife to show the carcass. The woman made a face to spite me. This cannot be helped. Have the calf killed instead.’
‘Oh no! I replied, seized with emotions of the heifer’s fate.’

(To be continued)

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