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The Great Pyramid Of Khufu

The Pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid one day called his master- builder and said he wanted to be be remembered in perpetuity. He had definite ideas and he was to build accordingly.
“We expect it be of the right proportion, and grand too, that our subjects expect from one descended from the Heavens. What are we that we could match the glory of a god? Lo, a House which is humble enough that the Sun God would condescend to enter will serve the purpose.”
Shortly thereafter the Master builder brought a model to his Royal Master who pointed out where he wanted his Royal treasures should be concealed and size of the Grand chamber for his ease. He dismissed his architect to get on with the work immediately. ”Utmost secrecy we expect. Location of my treasures should not be shown to anyone other than those who need to know.”
“To hear is to obey!”
The stupendous task of erecting the Pyramid was entrusted with a select Council of Overseers and the Royal confidence was respected to the utmost that the millions of workmen were asked not to ask questions but build according to instructions. The great Pyramid was the talking point among the hired hands who came and went seasons after seasons; and while the cosmic events went about and empires waxed and waned. The Pharaoh died. His discendents came and in the convulsions of populace who built cities and prophets who brought new ways of worship. Somewhere in these time of changes the throne of mahogany sheathed in silver and gold was stripped clean and rare rubies and zephires flowed into the coffers of grave robbers.
These bandits were law unto themselves and they were the kings, Pashas and Khedives, every one after his fashion. Old Pharaoh was forgotten and his throne consigned into rubbish heap next to a chamber pot of a fat fool who had pretended to be a king. Neither was he considered more foolish than the old wise pharaoh whose undying dream was to lay with his heavenly sister somewhere in the field of stars. I do not know if the fools and wise over there worry such things as we lose over here down below.
The Great Pharaoh is no more but he has left his memory and munificence for every Egyptian who is in his debt whether he acknowledges it or not. Considering the immense crowd pulling power of the Pyramids, tourists come from all over the world in droves, in a sense to marvel at the glory of the Pharaohs. It sustains the economy of a whole nation. The wealth of Pharoah, which was looted in all probability would be nothing compared to what now pours into Egypt.
Moral: nothing good ever is lost. It is a folly for the silly fellows whose wisdom never has widened beyond their nose to accuse Pharaoh of wasting his empire away in grandiose projects. Where is the accountant? Where is the prophet of silly mutterings that merely tease and not soothen the sad hearts of believers? Where are the sects that teach to wound and not heal the wounded spirits of the dispossessed? All these are liars. They blow bubbles of their vanity for the blind only to be lost even before the sun sets on them.

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