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Hercules was the son of Zeus but his wife Hera would not hear of it. She hated the idea.’He shall never sit among the gods,- over my dead body!’Hera had reason to feel very cut up. He was the son of Her husband’s philandering. She hated to think Zeus would choose any woman over her. Whereas Zeus was sure she was being petty about such things.’As Mother Goddess you must be above jealousy.’Zeus tried to reason and Hera remained in a state of denial. She even set things rolling to shake up the even tenor of Hercules’s life.
Stricken with madness Hercules at one point killed his family. In order to redeem himself from the foul deed he had to put himself under a mean stupid king whose cruelty knew no bounds. He set 12 labors which he was sure would be impossible for Hercules to perform. But the first labor gave Hercules twice as much experience to tackle the second labour and with each labour his confidence, life experience and strength grew exponentially. Naturally he fulfilled the 12 labours.
There was only one problem. And what could top these?
Hercules overcome with exuberance and a touch of pride went around treading heavily. He asked all and sundry,’Who shall set a more hard task? I shall perform it.’
He was sure it was not bragging since he had achieved what was beyond any human.
Zeus heard of it. He came instantly down and appeared in a dream.’My son, I shall set you more hard task. If you perform it you shall be set over all as immortal god. Do you take the challenge?’
Hercules agreed. Zeus said,’Keep silence over your labors.’Hercules never more crowed over his past deeds. He knew the challenge that Zeus threw at him required every ounce of his energy. Whenever company of men boasted over their victories he made himself as though he had none to offer.
Zeus told Hera,’You have been like a tap running on, never giving a thought if it was godlike to control yourself.’
Hera was sure she was justified. ‘Whenever you have an itch you know what to do. Then you come moralizing.’ she retorted. Zeus pointed to Hercules and said his son, though a human did more than she was capable of . ‘He is in full control of himself.’
Hera could understand and she felt ashamed. She relented that when Hercules died she let him sit among the immortals.
Speech is silver and silence is golden and godlike in the case of Hercules.

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