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Dynamics of Wealth©

Wealth is what gives power to an individual or as groups so they have freedom of action more than without it. For our primitive ancestor what he hunted and gathered were wealth; it provided for the family, clans and brought him rewards. As hunter-gatherer he commanded higher prize and won the hand of choicest girl.
Barter system was wealth by which he could trade what he had surplus with another. Such wealth had another plus point. It satisfied his social needs in meeting others and catching up with news. It made him realize what was plenty and scarce commodities could earn him better returns if he sold them right. Wealth was indeed power where local knowledge, contacts and ingenuity made him a vital entity.
Progress meant man could make wealth speak for him not merely in his level of knowledge or intrinsic worth but in the wares he could unearth or put them up for bartering. Cowry shells, beans, beads were all novelties that fetched price that made him feel adequately compensated.
Gradually it had to be placed on some standard where wealth acquired a symbolic value.
First piece of money was used in Lydia and coinage system bearing a royal stamp gave it a value that was only perceived and valid only within the kingdom. Money has no value in itself so paper or plasic could do equally well.
Dynamics of wealth took force in fulfilling the social needs of man. It was created by man for man. It was the wave of future. Inversion Principle shows in the manner it created haves and have-nots.


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Oriental Art-seated figure

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Fracking: The process extracts natural gas by drilling more than a mile into the earth and pumping a mixture of water, sand and chemicals to open up fissures in the stone through which it can escape.
What will we call the age old process of taking a girl in the bonds of matrimony and making sure she delivers more than just a baby in due course?

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