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Just as the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk were experimenting with their aeroplane (1903), in Germany Count Zeppelin was well advanced into rigid airships filled with hydrogen.( Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin became interested in constructing a “Zeppelin balloon” after the Franco-Prussian War of 1870–1871, where he witnessed the French use of balloons to transport mail during the early part of the war. He had also encountered Union Army balloons in 1863, during the American Civil War, where he was a military observer.)
During the early stages of WWI Germany did not have as many ships as British Royal Navy had; so the Zeppelins were used as an aerial eye to monitor the movements of the enemy ships and warn the German fleet accurately. From there it progressed to drop bombs since the airships could travel great distances, and higher, beyond the range of stationary English antiaircraft guns. At the outbreak of war English defenses relied almost entirely on the Army and Navy. The lack of an adequate Air Command allowed Germany to take the initiative during the early course of the war. In 1915 Zeppelins successfully raided the English airspace and carried out a number of indiscriminate attacks on civilian population. By January 1916 the English scored their first victory by shooting down a Zeppelin on an English countryside. Once Great Britain gained enough airplanes and pilots the inherent weaknesses of the Zeppelin soon showed up. Inflammable hydrogen made every hit an inferno from which the Germans ould not escape. Soon Imperial Germany grounded the dirigibles forever.
Germany carried war into the air but within a quarter of century aerial warfare would become an indivisible part of any onslaught. Without which could Japan have taken on the USA by dealing a ‘knock-out’ blow at the Pearl Harbor?
Can we now think of a war without the air support? No. Our experience in a century had overshot the bank of experience of our forefathers. For ever.
Integration principle ties up London, Rotterdam, Dresden, Hiroshima Nagasaki and Baghdad.
Integration principle explains how good and evil that man devises will spread past the barrier man sets out. The Manhattan Project was higly classified and the USA did not imagine it would fall in the hands of the Soviet Russia. But it did.
One of the scientists Karl Fuchs was involved with the Project at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
As Fuchs later testified, after Nazi Germany invaded the Soviet Union in 1941 he concluded that the Soviets had a right to know what the United Kingdom (and later the United States) were working on in secret. Hence he began transmitting military intelligence to the USSR, though the historical record is unclear about exactly when he started. Fuchs’s testimony confirms that he contacted a former friend in the Communist Party of Germany, who put him in touch with someone at the Soviet embassy in Britain. The rest is history. By the way his code-name was Rest.
Then there is the ubiquitous hand AQ Khan who was too free cutting and pasting nuclear secrets on the internet with the connivance of his country. Was A Q Khan prompted by greed or because he wanted the Muslim states also have nuclear capabilities? From Syria to North Korea anyone could have made a pile of nuclear arsenal if had chance. Integration principle connects conscientious objector and a mischief-maker as much as nations the US and the ‘axis of evil’.

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