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The longer it takes to create wealth to foot the bill of those adolescent fancies less sorry you are if you are still cash strapped. Money has lost its glitter as maturity kicks in. Wisdom sets your expectations on a better footing that you can still pay your way through life.
When you are a senior citizen wealth holds more meanings than what you began with.
I can looking back say my expectations were more than amply met and I stand astonished not to have thought before life requires so little to make me happy. Paradox of life is however different.
More you grow older you miss that you didn’t set so much in store for your stamina and spirit when these were in full flow. When I first time visited in 1989 National Gallery in London I walked miles staring at the paintings intently. I did it for so many days. One day I restrained myself. ‘Eyes shall never be satisfied; nor the ears. So stop!’ Now wherever I see a museum I am not asking myself if there be some great master or even something I can feast eyes on. Instead I dread a little,’My knees may not hold up.’ So I am an armchair cultural tourist these days.


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