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If there be hand there must also surely the thought that can draw conclusions from Imagination in manner finite mind of man can understand? What is art but communicating by means of symbols and realities,- superficial at that, between the artist and the viewer. The artist by taking advantage of the texture paint and color draws veil over the viewer’s visual faculties,- and how he opens the window therein is a matter of trust. How the artist has drawn from the immensities and how you deign to follow his insight and art are two different things. Late MF Hussain of India drew Mother India according to his vision and some busybodies saw nakedness ‘ Abominable!’ they cried. They hounded him out of India while those who could have put a stop to the vandalism did nothing. (Just as they didn’t prevent the Babri Masjid demolition.)
Reality of our physical universe is not beyond our ken although emphasis you and I place may vary. Reality is how we translate Imagination into the context of time and place in which we transact realities in a meaningful manner.
Our imagination has grasped essentials of Imagination. If we have celestial tones ringing in our ears and put it down by means of musical notations we are giving the reality a scope it never had before. How good or bad it is must be judged musically and not by intention or any other means. A Mozart or Bach has felicity of expression that makes anyone hearing it to guess whose composition it is. They are unique and their shadows even after a distance of centuries bring to mind as though they were not dead and gone at all. We are reality of an Immense Dream and how we shape it can only be determined as such from our works.
In the Immensities, quintessence of which is indivisible and Absolute we borrow scenery as it were, like Japanese. (In Japan houses are sited taking advantage of the landscape. They borrow scenery so to speak so from where they sit they can enjoy a slice of it. Though they only tinkered with the house Nature has come along freely to raise its quality to the nth degree.). Religion, Science, art literature all human enterprises are windows drawn on it and whether it is shut or open quality of Immensities remain unchanged. An atheist scoffing at the Immensities plays the fool since he is the eye of it. He is a fool since he says there is nothing.

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