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Eternal India is an idea. It is what Indians would like to see their country and they cannot feel but pride of their spiritual heritage. They also see a way of life in which the epics and countless of temples serving the people and disentangle spiritual confusion; a place to contemplate and submerge their selves into the eternal cycles of rebirth and being one with the cosmic force.. Irony of such a life of dharma in which the mundane world pales into shadows is nowhere practiced. Did this cardinal virtue of India evaporate into thin air?
In my youth it was somewhat axiomatic that a householder took to Aranyawas on reaching sixty. He had put his active life behind and paid obligation to his family and the society. He took to vana (the woods) where by inhabiting some solitary spot in the forest to meditate and he hoped to merge mentally with the forces of nature.
But already there were changes taking place as India won Independence.. Whenever a sanyasi was spotted on the streets word spread around to watch out. The class of ascetism that was revered in Ancient India was not what it used to be. They were seen by ordinary people prowling around to snatch young boys and girls if had a chance. Sadly I must admit this aspect of Eternal India like the fabled Atlantis had sunk into oblivion while currents of liberty and democracy were ringing in the air.
In India I could find nationalism of Gandhi sending ripples of excitement and also reactionary currents that on looking back was imbibed from National Socialism in Germany. Eternal India from experience turned out to be nothing more than a private South Seas such as Gauguin and Melville,- idyllic in innocence and simplicity, they had harbored. Nothing was farther than in reality. America in the 19th century had two kinds perception of a private Europe from which they drew spiritual strength, classicism and traditions while the youthful America thought of skyscrapers and the impossible. It was happy amalgam that worked as one to enable them to become the pioneers in the modern world where technology and politics were given new dimensions that worked. Such a single vision reconciling several strands of societal innovations of rural and urban India never come as one.
Casteism had shown itself too potent and self-interest and privileges of communities had blighted politics right through and through to let any politician think differently. ( to be cont’d)


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The Dolphin and the Monkey

The ship went down with all the passengers except a monkey. He struggled hard to keep his head above water but went down once and managed to come up again. He cried, ‘Oh terrible to die!’ He went once more down and grew weaker with effort. ‘Had I only learned to swim!’he gasped and prayed. ‘As the captain of the industry I should have organized life guards to the ship. And I would have survived this terrible fate!’
The monkey cried bitter tears. At that moment a dolphin surfaced out of nowhere. He swam upto the monkey and said, ‘Don’t cry! you are making things worse.’
The monkey said,’I began as a bond trader. I made millions. If I die what will I do with my off-shore accounts? My private jet? Or fleet of limos waiting round the clock to take me to places?’
The dolphin was friendly and asked the monkey to climb on its back. ‘I am Mr. Silverbacks. CEO of Golden Showers.’
‘Real Gold, I suppose?’ The dolphin asked conversationally. ‘Yeah, the Bank.’

The dolphin said, ‘When the Lehman brothers went bust I knew my services would be needed.’
‘Sure you came not too soon.’ Mr.Silverbacks snapped, drying himself.
The dolphin went on with swimming, ‘Think of the bright things in life. It will take your mind off depressing things like death by drowning, starving poor, unemployment, recession’.
Immediately Mr. Silverbacks sat up erect. He chuckled and said,’You know what was my bonus last year?’
The dolphin said, ‘You tell me.’
‘390 millions.’ Dolphin whistled and said, ‘You must have really earned it?’
‘I sure did,’ Mr. Silverbacks said with a grin, ‘I took the risk didn’t I? Short term profits and public losses that came on a slow boat. Once I had taken my cut what do I care?’
The dolphin shivered and said he was carrying a dangerous cargo. He told his passenger,’ You are upsetting me, my morals I mean. Think of future, I helped since I have certain values in life.’
‘Values! Poppycock! Show me the color of your money. I will tell you what they are worth.’ The monkey was sure, ‘Don’t go through life on altruism. Greed made the world. I can help you make the switch.’
‘No you don’t!’ the dolphin just dived leaving the monkey to his fate.

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