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A Quote: Death

‘I have been watching Death from safe distance some six decades or so. There is something terribly lacking in his manner, I mean his familiarity of taking me for granted. Lately he has taken some of my friends without even by-your-leave, and now he seems getting to be personal,- and I don’t like it one bit.’


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At Dublin’s Abbey Theater, poet-playwright Yeats was searching for a particular effect for a glorious sunset. He wanted realism and he coaxed the electricians to try harder with the colors and equipments at their disposal to come up with the effect he could approve. The technicians did all that they could and their experiments at one point elicited a cry of approval. ‘That’s it! Yeats cried stepping forward,’ Hold it, Hold it!’
‘We can’t hold it, sir’ came the stagehand’s apologetic voice,’ The theater is on fire.’
(Sir. Cedric Hardwicke-A Victorian in orbit/Methuen, London)
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Newt Gingrich-USA

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