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The book was not bound in dust cover;
And there was in it dog-eared appreciation
Of nameless eyes that with zest did devour.
I scanned the volume from cover to cover
Yet the thought was left in mint condition;


Then took the other leather bound in gold
Within were pages, abstract passages of cant
Being sorry no space for both was in the hold
I chose the bromides the wisdom of men of old
That the world in general love descant.

In vellum and leather bound was wisdom
That suits man in statecraft and cloth well;
Such ideas and deeds that rang man’s freedom
I could perceive was what it lacked : wisdom
Of cant howev’r stood me exceedingly well.

At graves mouth men have sighed before
I wonder what might have had I picked
The book of plain prose instead of the other.
The beguiling cant needs be in gilt and thunder
Served and my red and benefice to it owed.

This is a take off on Robert Frost’s
The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference.

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If best things in life are free, why we occupy Wall Street or any other?
2.Why kill over religion? Merely because one makes a cut in his penis why demonize the rest of those who do not? Especially considering both parties hide it away for shame?
These riddles are unlike the other sort, solved only when one has thrown off the mortal coils of life. So don’t try it at home. Just file it away for future use.

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Man is a funny animal. Common sense tells him to mind his step. But his uncommon sense tells him to listen to his inner voice instead.
Common sense tells him to keep his secrets close to the chest but he blabbers it all to some shrink who happens more often than not, a total stranger. He calls it uncommon sense.
Sure his common sense is so common that cannot keep to the beaten tracks well tested. The old adage ‘a bird in hand is worth two in the bush’ will not do for him. He plays at stocks what he cannot afford hoping there is a greater fool out there to save his goose from cooking. He calls that his uncommon sense.
Science gives man How and religion tells Why his universe works in a manner of speaking but his common sense cannot get the point.
What does his uncommon sense say? Perhaps both may work in my case, according to my special needs.
Uncommonsense without some plain commonsense makes a fool; similar man without a touch of feminine qualities makes a brute.Yet we carry on battle of the sexes as though it is a honor or ego thing!

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“From the lawsuit filed Tuesday against NBC and Leno, obtained by EW.com: “The publication and broadcast was libelous on its face and clearly exposes the plaintiff, other Sikhs, and their religion to hatred, contempt, ridicule…”
If a comedian is sued for bad jokes every Congressman will be affected. These Congressmen are sent to the Capitol Hill and what do they do? They peddle influence or drag their feet or make tall claims of their service to the nation. They make jokes of their ability to change it. They even think they are indispensable! Their bad jokes are evident in the manner small towns are disappearing and the middle class is in danger of being listed under endangered species. Newt Gingrich does not need a team of writers to come up with jokes. He can merely rattle them impromptu. Pardon my French.
Jay Leno should have hired some Punjabi for Sardari jokes and he would have made the entire Sikh community die laughing.
To ask what is under a diaper to a Sikh is like waving a red rag before a bull. Ask a Sardar what is his beard doing under his chin? He may answer in the most serious vein that it cannot grow on his turban. They are very logical and precise people. You ask him for a joke and he probably give you the punch line and leave you to fill out the blanks. Why he would do that? Because he has already made up the joke himself so he cannot take the trouble of repeating it. Or he has filched some one else’s joke and doesn’t want to be sued.
In India the Sikh community enjoys the National Monument status.

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I am planning to hold an art exhibition and I plan this year to spend time on everyday basis for this. Let me see how far I can carry on with this project. My second work is begun. It is shown below in its preparatory stage. Hindelopen was earlier by the sea but now with afsluitdijk it fronts a lake.

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Reading a news item about Glenn Close and Rose McGowan who were reared in a cult group made me think of a cult group that I had known. In the US it goes under the name The New Testament Church and it had its beginning in Sri Lanka when it was called Ceylon. The group Ceylon Pentecostal Mission was a mongrel church alright. They drew from so many sources, Armstrongism, Church of Rome to name a few. They lived and preached two different things. They chose ministers from members who were to practice celibacy like the Catholic Church. They preached grace and yet made works as their cardinal virtue. They like pharisees made outward observance of prayers, fasts abstaining from alcohol, tobacco as proof of their holiness. They claimed they were totally separated from worldly affairs but always found members whose filthy lucre bankrolled their faith life. They insisted on their recruits full immersion baptism and speaking in tongues. The latter was the means to ensure their hook on the congregation. If anyone wanted to leave the two elders or pastors would buttonhole and ask him or her by wanting to leave they must have been speaking tongues ( not of Holy Spirit) but of devil.
They knew how to control minds of their congregation in spending hours in shrieking and blabbering. They made tattle-telling a virtue and made attempts at believers to ferret out how others lived at workplace or at home. They came between husbands and wives in telling ‘the weaker vessel’ what to watch out in the other. Sunday service for example the joy of Christian spirit was the ‘holier-than- thou’ Yahooism. Let me explain what it is. Gulliver speaks of Yahoos in his travels and these were brutish in body and mind. In these Pentecostal group there were believers who made a virtue of cheeseparing and leanness in their spirit as ticket to Zion! The Mission called special meetings whenever they could and these were mind numbing sessions as waiting for the Spirit. Innocuously enough they made him/her toe the line having got control over his/her emotional and mental reserves.
In order to be counted as part of the group how members lied through their teeth before taking communion!How they made some pillars of the community shiver in their pants! Those who drank(social drinking) skipped it and made virtue of their lack of consideration for others by crying and making a show of tears only to repeat the same ad nauseum.
The Mission made the members read only passages they wanted them to know- Nothing more. Most of the elders are iliterate whose knowledge in the Scriptures ( as far as I know) was limited and calculated to serve the purpose. Typical of Catholic church that they discouraged private interpretation!They rearranged emphases of OT and New Testament in order to reimpose the rule of Levites in the Church! They discouraged reciting Lord’s prayer giving reason it was only for the nominal Christians! ‘After this manner pray ye’ (Mt.6:9). In their view there was to be a hierarchy and they were to be part of the select few 144,000 souls meant for Zion!
The pastors and elders are those who have left all or burned the bridges after them so to speak. All their sermons are taped and sent for screening. They are put charge of ‘faith homes’ anywhere and are liable to be sent on short notice to anywhere decided by the Mission HQ. There are fat and lean areas the latter being assemblies that do not have many members to provide for their necessities. One may judge what it would mean. In such a controlled atmosphere with sisters and brothers bound by invisible handcuffs the Alwin controversy was bound to happen.
At the time of marriage I joined this group. I was a sunday school teacher and wrote hymns etc. For me reading Bible was not merely for reading. ‘Truth shall make you free’ it is said. One fine day I had enough or rather I saw their pernicious doctrine and decided to quit. The pastor asked if I was speaking in tongues under Holy Spirit or was it something else. I admitted I was mistaken and that made me get out of their hold.
I have never even come across these rascals after that day. It was as phony as my marriage which had to stop somewhere. The Pentecost Mission must be still around and never more I got entangled with the group.

Nov.9 2015: With regards to speaking in tongues, it was seen and heard on the day of Pentecost. As Jesus promised to his disciples it happened. He had to go to his Father in order to found the Church. This speaking was therefore a sign for all. There were many gentiles present on that momentous occasion. The Holy Spirit gave several abilities for building up the Church. I believe speaking in tongues accompanied with interpretation do serve any local church if it were done properly and the counsel has some grain of truth to benefit the assembly. . In the Pentecostal Mission bad faith of the pastors to differentiate the ‘holy’ and ‘nominal’ on the basis of speaking in tongues has already debased their ministry. Each member of the Body of Christ is part of that Church by faith. No longer he has to prove others by making noises. Such tarrying for Holy Spirit as insisted by TPM is an useless exercise. Having mastered English to write this post I did not set out to recite alphabets first. Similarly faith in the salvation offered by the blood of Christ has made it unnecessary to prove my life before some.

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Iran's next Ayatollah: enriched uranium

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