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When I read this news I was not surprised. One Annie George in NY preyed on the hapless situation of her servant another Malayali whose name is only VM! Being a Malayali I know how a Malayali mind works. Especially that of a Syrian Christian Malayali whose brain is a cash chest and smile like that of a shark’s teeth all lethal. My ex-father-in-law is one such. I cite one extreme case but many of them are venal, their humanity somewhat shot through with preoccupation of ego and exploitation of others.
In Annie George’s case I would not be surprised if she doled out like many of her sort leftovers from her table to the servant V-M and must have cursed VM’s appetite. She must have told herself often,’I’m ruined by her!’ In their calculation self-interest completely erases any compassion or concern for others.
First the news.
A wealthy New York woman is facing criminal charges after being accused of keeping an illegal immigrant as an indentured servant and forcing her to live in a closet for nearly six years.
Documents posted on the Smoking Gun allege that Annie George, 39, and her now-deceased husband, Mathai Kolath George, hired an illegal immigrant from the Indian state of Kerala. The immigrant, identified only as “V.M.,” was promised about $1,000 a month in wages to live in the family’s 34-room, 30,000-square-foot home, known as Llenroc mansion, which houses a helicopter pad, 15 fireplaces, marble flooring, 24-karat gold gilded ceilings and a glass elevator. V.M. was tasked with taking care of the Georges’ four young children, along with performing household duties in the mansion located about 20 miles north of Albany.
New York’s minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. Even if V.M. had been allowed to leave the residence at the end of a regular 40-hour workweek, she would have been entitled to a minimum, pretax income of $290 per week, or $1,160 per month.
Instead, the “forced labor situation” (as described in the court papers) was even worse than the already-below minimum wage offer of $1,000 month. V.M. received 85 cents an hour, working 17-hour days, seven days a week, over the 67 months she was kept inside the George residence.
All told, V.M. received only about $29,000 over the five and a half years she was forced to work for the George family…She was also allegedly denied health benefits, sick days or any personal time off from her labors.(ack:By Eric Pfeiffer | The Sideshow/Yahoo News)

Members of Syrian Christian community in Kerala are educated and engage themselves in useful professions. Around central Kerala there are many who look after plantations with a different culture and belong to a world of their own. In Kottayam a visit to one of their homes will take you to a Balzacian world of hypocrisy and venality. These people who are educated will go any part of the world and send their earnings to educate children and amass dowries for the daughters. When Gulf boom was at its height many went to serve the Arabs and learned a certain attitude which made lose even whatever was natural. Their only luxury is the glory of the house which if you look closely will notice is farther than truth. A family with name like Kozhimannil( Chickens pecking around) in reality lives solely raking the muck or cheating whoever has the misfortune of trusting them implicitly. (I am speaking from experience.) They are clever in most cases in a superficial way but real humanity or wisdom of superior intelligence is totally absent.


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Outcasts in Cribs and Numbered

The day of washing.
The babe’s eyes still unopened
With smell of womb crack’d:
Taste of mother’s innermost
Kiss of life,- honey and milk in gel
That no angels in heaven
May ever salivate or taste,
Shall no more cling anon.
Anointed was its dream
Of the whole universe,
Felt the midwife’s scrub
And howled with just cause:
‘Leave me be! Your world can wait
Before I, my lost universe
For last time turn once more.’
The babe is washed and set in crib
Chafes in and out by a tag round the pulse,
Clenches it in fury and lets go
In resignation:
‘Ah I shall be an out cast and unblessed

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