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sail needle magpie-meadow bird


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Basher al Badawi a fox unfortunately lost his tail and how it grieved him! He had called it some sweet names while he had it. My Milk and Honey,Sweet End and so on. The name he loved most was Jerusalem. But what can he do? He lost Jerusalem because he was very careless and accident prone. Having lost his pride all that he got was a handlength of beard which he hennaed it and thought it made him look holy. Then he went to other foxes and said,’See this radical new look! Call me Oozing bin Leaden. The foxes who had many other things in their mind looking after their families community and their business did not give ear to him. ‘We are moderates’, said they. ‘We obey Allah who gave us tails and you look out for yourself’. The fox with the beard was wroth and said ‘I will make your name stink! Because you didn’t do as I tell you!’

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