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The White House urged Syrian rebels on Tuesday to leave key governmental institutions “intact’ when they topple President Bashar al-Assad. Press secretary Jay Carney said the plea was partly rooted in what is widely considered one of the worst errors of the Iraq War….After the March 2003 U.S.-led invasion, Coalition Provisional Authority administrator L. Paul “Jerry” Bremer banned members of Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party from holding influential government posts and disbanded Iraq’s military—a pair of decisions widely blamed for fueling what became a bloody insurgency.(Yahoo news of Aug.7)
This is a rather simplistic review of the war on terror in Iraq. Think how it changed the Middle East. And think who has benefited in terms of influence? No not the West. It has fuelled more terror instead of achieving a peaceful transition into democracy. Looking back I had posted in one of my blogs thus:
“In the month of June, 2007 in the House Democrats grilled the former U.S. occupation chief in Iraq over how he doled out up to $12 billion in Iraqi money without accounting for it.
Firing back in a House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing Tuesday, L. Paul Bremer III insisted that he did the best he could in the middle of a war and repeatedly said he had spent Iraqi — not U.S. — money. Bremer ran the country for 14 months.
So Bremer assumes he didn’t do any wrong in throwing Iraqi money without any reasonable control. Consider his position. It was that of a viceroy and his actions,-doesn’t that speak the mindset of an occupier? Paul Bremer must bear the odium of one who brought Iraq to a sorry state as we know now. He foolishly carried out de-Baathification program without setting in place adequate machinery to keep the country running; he was more concerned with his control over every nut and bolt of his office and not for taking care of the Iraqis.”
There is nothing more stupid than going to war without a clear understanding and of key players/groups who shall be responsible at every phase and in the aftermath which party will be able to handle fruits of victory. It is payback time in Iraq and it shall be thus in Syria.
With regards to the US concern on war on terror, while they were fanning out their troops overseas, they were missing the domestic terror groups, such as one that recently killed some peaceful Sikhs in Milwaukee. The White supremacists showed they are cretins alright. Anyone with a turban is a Muslim for them. Can’t these jerks go to school and get some education than guns by mail order?


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