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Captain Black Hand in despair is taken over by Dom Orteguilla who knows just the thing to perk him up. Proxy is holed up in the Andes.




The three strangers in their ponchos, who led their mules by the mountain path looked weary and desperate.  They had travelled a week to reach their destination; and on their right was the sea and Huarez lay ahead of them. Bypassing it they took the southern route stealthily. Only when they reached the foot of Pastoruri Glacier, fifteen miles south of Huarez they stopped. The fiery evening sun had splashed the tropical glacier with a splash of  red. As murderous as blood and it was ominous to them till dusk mercifully fell. By the time they reached the ridge of Spatuletail,  they were surprised by scouts even though they had been forewarned about them. Even what seemed an impregnable rocky fort held surprises. These were their guide and they spoke a dialect, Quechua that one of the three could speak fairly well which made him the spokesman for the rest.


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man friday

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