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Remember the scene of starlight streaking past the windows of the Millennium Falcon in “Star Wars” and the Starship Enterprise in “Star Trek.”? There you were shown what it is to experience  hyperdrive when spaceships approach the speed of light. As a result of it stars morph from points of light to long streaks that stretch out past the ship. It is according movie science,- and bad science to be exact.

When spaceships travel faster than light the view out the windows of a vehicle traveling through hyperspace would be more like a centralized bright glow, so concludes  a group of physics Masters students at England’s University of Leicester.

A phenomenon called *the Doppler Effect, affects the wavelength of radiation from moving sources, would cause stars’ light to shift out of the visible spectrum and into the X-ray range, where human eyes wouldn’t be able to see it, the students found.

The increased X-ray radiation from shifted starlight would even push back on a spaceship traveling in hyperdrive, the team found, slowing down the vehicle.We need go no farther than the Earth to understand this paradox. Similar to the force felt at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
If life offers us paradox we need to understand the underlying principle of Inversion principle. How we delight to see our baby taking its first step! It is also a sign that we have lost control of the baby that will become obvious sooner or later. We become mature and wiser with life experience. Irony of it is that what  to do with a body that is going to pieces? This inversion principle shall explain what is wrong with progress.

Note:*The Doppler Effect is the reason why an ambulance’s siren sounds higher pitched when it’s coming at you compared to when it’s moving away — the sound’s frequency becomes higher, making its wavelength longer, and changing its pitch.(ack: Space.com of Jan 15,’13-hyperdrive)




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